Designed to accommodate the varying schedules of working managers, or aspiring industry professionals, the Diploma can be studied at your own pace, through access to online workbooks and tutorials and supported by face to face workshops, over a maximum of three years. You will receive an introduction to the course via an Induction Day, attended by fellow students, Golf Club Management Partnership representatives and tutors.

Training and education that has been previously undertaken, and is relevant to this new qualification, can be recognised through a formal process in order that course work is not unnecessarily repeated.

For anyone looking to specialise in a particular area of the industry, or to supplement existing experience, the nine units of the Diploma in golf club management listed above can also be studied as individual Certificates, which can  be completed at your own pace, allowing up to a maximum of eighteen months per certificate.

If all three Certificates are successfully completed, you will also be awarded the Diploma in Golf Club Management.

Workshops and seminars dedicated to the nine individual components will also be regularly delivered to allow ongoing maintenance of CPD credits.

All the workshops will be delivered at PGA National Training Academy, at The Belfry in Birmingham by Leigh Sear, CEO of SFEDI, which has been an educational partner whilst creating the diploma content and workbooks.

Once you have formally registered your intention to pursue a qualification, you will be sent a Candidate Information Pack and asked to complete the appropriate forms and select your place on an initial induction day 
The next scheduled induction day will be held online and will take place on 28 October 2020

Learning Programme

The qualifications are designed to be delivered via a blended learning approach including a mix of face-to-face tutor led unit workshops, complemented by structured distance learning and personal practice and assessment

Not all learners will take the same amount of time to complete a qualification as there will be variation in learner’s requirements.

The learning programme provided for these qualifications will include the following key aspects:

  • Initial assessment – of the learner, to recognise any prior learning /experience relevant to the qualification; and, to identify any additional support required by the learner in relation to disability or specific learning needs.
  • Induction Days – to ensure learners understand the requirements of the qualification, how the qualification will be managed and what the expectations and aspirations are of them
  • Learner development opportunities – support and guidance to assist learners in their development of the appropriate knowledge and understanding for the qualification through resources such as workbooks and workshops
  • Assessment opportunities – formal opportunities for learners to evidence the requirements of the qualification.

Upon registration, and upon completion of the induction day, learners will be issued with their own Learner ID (and password) to access the browser based system that supports both the distance learning and the assessment.

Whilst learners will not be directly accredited for prior learning and achievement, the qualification is purposefully designed to allow those with significant knowledge and understanding in a particular area to be able to simply complete the assessment activities and submit that evidence if they so wish, rather than necessarily wait to attend the unit workshop, or be required to complete the unit workbook.

Particular attention should be paid to the learning outcomes listed previously in this document when making the decision as to the route that an individual chooses to take, and the assessment criteria for a particular unit, or qualification can be shared on request to the PGA Member Education Department.


An online assessment and quality assurance tool is utilised throughout the lifetime of the qualification to complete learning and assessment activities. Certification of the qualifications requires learners to complete their registration, commit to attend a 1 day induction event, and then successfully complete the online learning and assessment activities within the appropriate time frame.

Learners must provide sufficient evidence to satisfy all the assessment criteria, and all evidence submitted by learners should be valid and authentic. Primarily, that evidence will be generated through one or more of the following methods:

  • Assessment of work book activities.
  • Written questioning/on line assessment
  • Case studies
  • Reports
  • Professional discussion

All work completed and submitted online will be confidentially stored, tracked and audited for quality assurance purposes by the PGA, using a secure online learning platform.

Where sufficient evidence for assessment purposes has been generated successfully for all the qualification requirements, a certificate of completion will be awarded.

Period of Registration

Registration for the ASQ Level 5 Diploma in Golf Club management qualification is valid for a period of three years from the date of attendance at one of the compulsory Induction Days.

For the three Certificate qualifications, registration is valid for a period of 18 months from the date of attendance at one of the compulsory Induction Days.

It is expected that you will complete all aspects of the assessment for the qualifications within the period of registration.

If for any reason you are unable to complete your assessment within this period you may apply, with good reason, to ASQ to extend your registration for a further six months. A fee will be charged for this extension.


Learners who are unsuccessful in any aspect of assessment will be required to resubmit the appropriate portion of the assessment within their period of registration. Assessment will only be carried out against all of the required elements of the assessment criteria not yet achieved within a unit.

A Reassessment fee of £60 (per Unit) is payable before the resubmitted work is marked.

  1. If a learner fails to disclose a particular learning need prior to undertaking the assessment modules of the qualification that subsequently is shown to have directly contributed to their failure to achieve required competencies, the candidate will be eligible for a further assessment attempt to achieve the required standard at the standard reassessment cost.


If you feel unhappy with the outcome of your assessment, you have the right to lodge an appeal against the decision, providing you are able to demonstrate reasonable grounds. You must clearly demonstrate the rationale behind your query and provide appropriate supporting evidence.

Enquiries relating to appeals should be submitted in writing to the Head of Member Education and should be clearly marked with the qualification title. You should submit any appeal relating to an assessment decision within 30 days of your initial assessment.

Appeals fees do apply and you should contact The PGA Training Academy for details of these charges. Should your appeal be successful your appeals fee will be refunded.

Appeals will be heard by The PGA Appeals Panel, which will comprise three members of staff: the Director of Training and Education, the Head of Member Education, and one other individual not directly involved with the delivery or assessment of the Qualification. The appeals panel will meet as and when required and will meet no more than once per month.

If, having followed The PGA Appeals Procedures fully, you still feel you have reason to appeal against the way your assessment was conducted, you may appeal to ASQ. The ASQ Appeals/Complaints procedures are available by contacting ASQ directly (contact details available from The PGA Training Academy).

Support for learners

Some learners may require additional support in order to achieve the requirements of a qualification.  In such circumstances, (for example where candidates have additional learning needs), reasonable adjustments to the learning programme for that individual may be possible (including adjustment to assessment but not assessment criteria).

Reasonable adjustments may be permissible as per ASQ reasonable adjustment policy, dependant on individual circumstances.

A variety of organisations provide continuing support for learners as they develop their golf management skills. The PGA, GCMA and BIGGA, provide workshops, education and resource material that can assist in the development of relevant knowledge.

As part of the enrolment process learners will become associate members of the GCMA (if they are not already members). This will provide access to a bespoke library of resources that will support the learner through the qualification.

Equal Opportunities

Our Equal Opportunities Policy aims to ensure that no individual is treated less favourably because of age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief, marriage and civil partnership, gender reassignment, pregnancy or maternity.  Nor will any requirements, which cannot be shown to be necessary, disadvantage them.

Acts of discrimination or harassment are unlawful and as such any allegations will be taken seriously and investigated appropriately.

If you feel that you have not been treated fairly and in accordance with this Equal Opportunities statement you should express your concerns in writing and address them to the Director of Training and Education at the PGA.


The PGA aims to provide you with a high quality experience throughout your time as a learner.  They invest time and effort into training a competent workforce of administrators, tutors and assessors. Should you feel unhappy with any aspect of your experience as a learner, you should express your concerns in writing to the Director of Training and Education at the address given below.