Continuing Professional Development

The GCMA is dedicated to the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of its members and in serving their needs will strive, through education and training, to maintain standards of excellence in golf club management throughout the profession.

Research has shown that the GCMA leads the way in education and training provisions for golf club managers and has been influential in developing training that is job specific, helping to improve the status of the profession and leading to greater recognition of its members.

As with all professional bodies, members are required to keep themselves up-to-date with the industry.  This can be achieved by attending relevant educational events.

The CPD programme also helps to:

  • give managers a means of showing current/prospective employers that they have continued their education and training
  • give golf club managers the skills to cope with change
  • promote golf club management as a profession

CPD credits are awarded to full members from the beginning of their GCMA membership and the CPD year runs from 1 September to 31 August with credits counted over a rolling three year period.  A record of credits are kept at the GCMA Head Office and a statement is sent to each member annually.

Examples of the types of educational events which qualify for CPD credits are:

  • lectures, workshops, training days, seminars, conferences and courses
  • regional seminars
  • GCMA regional meetings
  • short courses, eg First Aid
  • vocational qualifications

Credits are awarded for attendance at activities organised by the GCMA:

GCMA Activity Length of Time Credits
Training Course 5 Days 60
Conference 3 Days 40
Seminars 1 Day 10
Seminars 1/2 Day 5
Regional Meetings 1/2 Day 5
BNU 1 Module 30

Credits are also awarded for attendance at activities covering relevant topics provided by other organisations.


GCMA activities – attendance lists will be forwarded to the GCMA Head Office by the event organiser.

Attendance at activities provided by other organisation – a Credit Claim Form can be downloaded below for completion with the signature of the course provider or a copy of the Certificate of Attendance, and forwarded to  It is the responsibility of the individual member to advise of their attendance at activities provided by other organisations.

CPD Credit Claim Form