A Blueprint for Good Governance

We are delighted to unveil our new governance handbook: A Blueprint for Good Governance. If you asked every golf club to define what governance meant to them you might get a different answer every time. It can often be a topic that is misunderstood and sometimes is considered to need vast amounts of input and attention. This governance support is designed to encourage a direction of travel to help make improvements in a structured way, breaking the key components into different stages and focussing on the different elements in order of importance. For clubs that are further forward in their journey or have specific areas they wish to focus on, the content is arranged in a modular format, allowing for it to be digested in the way that best suits their needs. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Produced in collaboration with England Golf, this handbook is supported by a range of tools and resources, including self-review checklists, templates, research, and in-depth guides. Each has been designed to provide greater flexibility and help with anything from a simple policy review through to full structural, cultural and strategic change. All England Golf affiliated golf clubs will receive a printed copy of the handbook in the next 2-3 weeks, and all GCMA members are able to download a digital version from the Information Library. GCMA CEO Tom Brooke, said:"We’re delighted to have been invited by England Golf to work with them on this incredibly important and valuable piece of work that we’re sure is going to make a hugely positive difference to many, many golf clubs as we move forward. Long term and meaningful success are only achievable with strong and healthy leadership and a great team culture which can only be delivered when underpinned and held up with a modern, fit for purpose and sustainable governance structure. "We are very pleased and naturally in full agreement that this new Governance toolkit puts emphasis on the importance and value that a well-supported Golf Club Manager, team of professionals, hospitality staff and greenkeepers brings to any golf club, regardless of its ownership structure or place in the market.
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