A First for On Course Foundation on GCMA Training Course

The GCMA join On Course Foundation in congratulating one of their members, James Hill, for being the first member of the Foundation to complete the Introduction to Golf Club Management training course.

We kicked off our week at BIGGA’s BTME exhibition in Harrogate by delivering our GCMA three day Introduction to Golf Club Management training course.

Another well attended course welcomed an mix of new and familiar faces from across the country, keen to improve their knowledge and gain a vital grounding in the fundamentals of golf club management.

Usually taken as a five day course, the delegates at Harrogate enjoyed an intense three days of listening and learning with regular tea and biscuit breaks – what would a training course in the heart of Harrogate be without Yorkshire tea and shortbread?

All delegates deserve credit for their concentration throughout the course, but we would like to particularly acknowledge the achievements of one delegate. James Hill, a member of On Course Foundation, has attained the status as the first member of the foundation to complete our Introduction to Golf Club Management course.

photo (1)On Course Foundation is a fast progressing and increasingly well-known charity that offers rehabilitation to ex-service personnel within the golfing industry, from playing the game to meaningful employment. The completion of our GCMA training course is a positive achievement and precedent for both On Course Foundation and James Hill in their determination to use golf as a vehicle for successful recovery. We pulled Jamie aside and got him talking about his views on the training course and how it has benefited him.

The [Introduction to Golf Club Management] training course was a good introduction for me and there was a lot of experience in here. I have only been playing golf for two years and so my knowledge [surrounding the industry] is very limited. This training course was such a good insight and it has given me the confidence to pursue a job within the golfing industry in the future.

“My background is in the Royal Marines and I am now currently going through the recovery phase. Working in the military has provided me with a lot of transferable skills that I can use to get involved, skills that were built in to us, including previous organisation skills and a lot of project management expertise. Over the past three days I have found that a lot of these strengths can be transferred across to golf club management pretty easily.

“I also grew up in pubs, and so the food and beverage aspect of the training course has been no big surprise to me, but I learnt a lot from Steve Brown regarding the issues of F&B from a golf club perspective. 

“I would recommend GCMA’s Introduction to Golf Club Management training course to anyone who wants to attain and improve their golf club management knowledge. Equally I would highly recommend it to those who are potentially sitting on the fence or not too sure as it covered a broad spectrum of topics that are extremely useful. This has been a good little taster with invaluable teaching.”

Did you enjoy our Introduction to Golf Club Management training course?

Yes, I really did.

How was it meeting other like-minded individuals?

Yes, it was a really nice friendly bunch of people who have a range of differing levels of experience and backgrounds.

What’s next for you?

I live down in Dorset and I am not a member of a club at the minute. As a fairly new golfer I prefer pay-and-play golf as the different golf clubs offer me variety and challenge, especially as someone who doesn’t currently have the time to commit.

 I will think about the Diploma. It’s a case of building up and gaining lots of work experience at golf clubs through On Course Foundation, but that’s the thing, the Diploma will always be there and that is nice to know.

Ultimately, I have some big decisions to make this year regarding the military which will decide what I can fit in right now. When I am settled, I will pick a golf club and get the work experience I need, with an aim to use what I have acquired through GCMA’s courses for employment within golf management.

With a wish of the best of luck, James dashed off to start his arduous journey home back down to Dorset. If you are interested in finding out more about On Course Foundation and the employment opportunities the charity offers for your golf club, visit their website for more information.

Have you previously attended one of our training courses?

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