Are you Being Overcharged for Energy or Water?

Cost Centre Services explain how there are several simple things you can do to ensure your business is not overcharged, and in the process checking that you have not been undercharged and face an unplanned hefty cost in the future. Reducing energy costs by changing suppliers has been the mantra for some time now, but when you change supplier do you check the closing meter readings billed by the old supplier against the opening reads from the new supplier? Do not assume they will be the same! In fact, very often they aren’t the same and consequently you are paying again for energy already consumed and paid for to the old supplier. How often do you compare your bills with the actual meter? Not just the meter reading but do you check the actual meter number against the invoice. It is quite common for a business to pay for all, or part, of a neighbour’s water or energy bill, perhaps because in the past the premises were linked in some way. Similarly, check that all meters on your property are billed on a regular basis – if you have one which is not being charged for, it is prudent to contact the supplier. You will have to pay at some point and you should seek specialist advice before doing so. Always check your contract carefully and have any errors amended at the outset. Wrong tariff allocations are commonplace and invariably in the supplier’s favour, so be sure to check your bills on a regular basis to ensure the correct tariffs have been applied. Where you discover incorrect tariffs, ensure your supplier rectifies this and does so retrospectively; enlist the services of a specialist if need be. Unfortunately, whilst this may not seem an exciting subject, meter reads should always be recorded regularly and certainly when you change suppliers. The devil is in the detail and brushing away the spiders from the meter may turn out to be a worthwhile investment. By Cost Centre Services.
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