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rules of golf

How to deal with rules issues: Resolving questions of fact

27 Jul 2023

It’s one of the most difficult jobs a committee faces…

Protecting your team from the sun

5 Jul 2023

Golf clubs aren’t bound by the law to provide sun-related…

Got a handicap cheat at your club? Here’s how to stop them

5 Jul 2023

If your club suspects they have a handicap manipulator on…

This updated guide will help your club get to grips with governance

5 Jul 2023

It’s one of the trickiest areas of a golf club…

Walton Heath

‘If every club made it their duty to create golfers we wouldn’t have this problem’

5 Jul 2023

How can we get more women playing golf, and showcase…

Join the GCMA today and receive a free affiliate membership for a colleague

8 Jun 2023

If you take up full membership of the GCMA this…

Is this finally the silver bullet for golf courses destroyed by insects?

8 Jun 2023

Full approval has now been given to an insecticide which…

rules of golf

How to sort out Rules of Golf disputes at your club

8 Jun 2023

When issues arise on the course, they need to be…

golf club talk uk podcast GCMA insights STRI

Is your club making the most of its land?

8 Jun 2023

On the latest episode of GCMA Insights, on the Golf…

We treat juniors like second-class citizens at golf clubs – it’s time to stop

8 Jun 2023

No wonder clubs struggle to attract and retain the younger…

Seven book and podcast recommendations from our latest Accredited members

3 May 2023

As well as keeping on top of their personal development…

golf club membership

Are we starting to see a slowdown in golf club membership?

3 May 2023

How are the numbers faring in the face of the…

Clere GolfHub

The eye in the sky that’s transforming golf course management

3 May 2023

Berkhamsted are using a new tool that’s revolutionising how they…

‘The impacts of climate change are now creeping into a club’s risk management’

3 May 2023

Arlette Anderson, The R&A’s Director of Sustainable Golf, talks to…

Royal Burgess

Could this club have the biggest junior section in Scotland?

3 May 2023

The Royal Burgess Golfing Society of Edinburgh may be the…

Artists impression of the Leathamhill facility developed by the R&A

‘Why not have the whole ecosystem of golf bookable through Scottish Golf?’

5 Apr 2023

A huge Topgolf, a new R&A entertainment facility, and a Golf.Golf pilot…

rules of golf

The 5 new rules you need to know this season

5 Apr 2023

Administrating or playing in the first competition of the year?…

‘It puts us in a position that stands out from the crowd’ – Why these four managers became GCMA Accredited

5 Apr 2023

A quartet of golf club management professionals joined Tom Brooke…

GCMA members enjoy recognition in industry awards

3 Apr 2023

Recent weeks have seen various ceremonies taking place – and there is a…

‘We’re the only nation that cares about their handicap – we have to change that culture’

3 Apr 2023

James Luke is England Golf’s new Head of Handicapping and…

How community plays a key role in GCMA membership

1 Mar 2023

Membership of the GCMA unlocks a network of like-minded professionals,…


Are we going to see an invasion of insects on our courses this spring?

28 Feb 2023

Leatherjackets and chafer grubs – and the predators who hunt…

Golf Foundation

Nick Dougherty: ‘I want to put golf into every school in the United Kingdom’

28 Feb 2023

The Golf Foundation played a pivotal role in Nick Dougherty’s…

GCMA Mentor

Ground-breaking GCMA Mentor scheme returns for 2023

1 Feb 2023

Following an incredibly successful first intake in 2022, GCMA Mentor…

How can the GCMA help you learn and grow professionally?

1 Feb 2023

When you join the GCMA you receive access to tools…

10 ways your golf club can move with the times

1 Feb 2023

Headingley has been transformed in the past few years. Manager…

Have clubs found a winning strategy to keep young people playing golf?

1 Feb 2023

The latest participation figures from the team at BRS Golf…

Want more women at your golf clubs? Then set up a creche

1 Feb 2023

Nicole Wheatley, industry expert and women’s golf advocate, says providing…