Celebrating 90 years of excellence: GCMA and Rain Bird 

This year marks the 90th anniversary of both the Golf Club Managers Association and Conference headline sponsors Rain Bird 

The GCMA and Conference headline sponsors Rain Bird are each marking their 90th anniversaries this year. 

Over the past nine decades, both have played pivotal roles in shaping the golf industry, fostering innovation, and nurturing a vibrant community of dedicated professionals.  

Unwavering commitment to golf club management 

The GCMA, since its establishment in 1933, has been an unwavering force in promoting and advancing the profession of golf club management. Through its tireless efforts, the association has provided a platform for industry professionals to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and enhance their expertise. The GCMA’s commitment to continuing education, professional development, and networking opportunities has played a vital role in elevating the standards of golf club management across the globe. 

Revolutionising irrigation: Rain Bird’s Impact 

For 90 years, Rain Bird has been at the forefront of irrigation technology, revolutionising the way golf courses are maintained and ensuring the sustainability of the sport. Their innovative irrigation systems have not only improved playing conditions but have also significantly reduced water consumption, benefiting both the environment and the golf industry as a whole. Rain Bird’s dedication to research and development has paved the way for cutting-edge irrigation solutions that have become industry benchmarks. 

Partnership for success 

The partnership between the GCMA and Rain Bird has been instrumental in driving progress within the golf community. By joining forces, these two esteemed organisations have collaborated on numerous initiatives aimed at enhancing golf course management practices, promoting environmental sustainability, and fostering a sense of camaraderie among golf club managers. Through their joint efforts, they have not only elevated the profession but also contributed to the growth and prosperity of the golf industry. 

Looking ahead: A bright future 

While celebrating this shared history, it is also an opportune time to look to the future. The golf industry continues to evolve, and both the GCMA and Rain Bird are well-positioned to lead the way. Embracing emerging technologies, sustainable practices, and fostering a culture of innovation will be critical in navigating the challenges ahead. By nurturing talent, encouraging collaboration, and adapting to changing landscapes, the GCMA and Rain Bird will undoubtedly continue to shape the golf industry for generations to come. 


Ninety years of excellence, innovation, and dedication—this is what the Golf Club Managers Association and Rain Bird symbolise as they celebrate their anniversaries. Through their unwavering commitment, visionary leadership, and creative solutions, they have significantly impacted the golf industry, creating a lasting legacy. Here’s to another 90 years of success! 

About Rain Bird 

The world-leader in irrigation. Rain Bird manufactures the industry’s broadest range of irrigation products for golf courses, and works in partnership with golf architects, specifiers, club owners, managers, contractors and course managers delivering new system, system extension and renovation solutions at courses of all types and sizes. 

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GCMA 2023 Conference

The GCMA 2023 Conference, which is also open to non-members, takes place in Leicester from November 12 to 14. The theme of the conference is Team Culture. You can view the full programme here.

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