Chlorpyrifos Update

Last year we reported that Chlorypyrifos had been removed as an approved pesticide for the control of Leatherjackets (larvae of Craneflies – Tipula spp.) and Chafer grubs (larvae of various species but especially Melolontha melolontha and Phyllopertha horticola).

From 1st September 2015 the use of Chlorpyrifos, on sports turf, was banned except for some exempt turf like horse paddocks.

This exemption will now be rescinded following the Pesticides eBulletin 03/2016 of 12th February 2016 where HSE announced that ‘with effect from 1st April 2016 the only permitted use of chlorpyrifos will be the protected brassica seedling drench treatment applied via automated gantry sprayer. All other uses of chlorpyrifos are withdrawn with effect from 1st April 2016.

HSE have also announced that the storage of Chlorpyrifos will be illegal after the 1st October 2016.

A list of products containing Chlorpyrifos, and further information, can be found on the BIGGA website.


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