CONGU proposing several changes to the Unified Handicapping System for 2016

CONGU are considering a number of changes to the Unified Handicapping System for implementation in 2016 as follows:

  • 4BBB allowance to change to 90% instead of the current three quarters (75%)
  • Along with the existing Exceptional Scoring Reduction, an Exceptional Scoring Increase is to be introduced
  • Annual Review dates to change to Oct/Nov/Dec so any adjustments are in place by January
  • To accept Supplementary Scores from a player’s away club, currently only scores at a player’s home club are accepted
  • 9-Hole Supplementary Scores accepted
    • Remember you have to apply to CONGU to rate 9 holes of your course – forms are available from your National Golf Union
  • Maximum handicaps to increase with Men rising to from 28 to 40 and Ladies from 36 to 54
  • Rules and Dates for preferred lies to change to allow for variable conditions around the country

These are proposals only and are yet to be approved by CONGU. More details will be released if the proposals are accepted.


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