Could cloud based telecoms save you money?

Over the last few years, The Cloud has been gaining popularity with individuals and businesses. Many software providers, such as IntelligentGolf, are operating a cloud-based platform, rather than software installed on a server or desktop. From cloud-based file sharing to cloud-based accountancy systems, the number of services now available is constantly expanding, and one of the biggest services switching to The Cloud is business telecoms. Switching from traditional telecoms to a cloud-based system could save your business money as there is no requirement for traditional phone lines and there is no need for any additional clumsy hardware if you wish to increase, or change, your current set up. There is just the cost of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) ready handsets and a monthly license fee. There is no need for the cost of a call out charge when things go wrong either, as the system can be managed and accessed remotely by your service provider. Not only could it save you money on call out charges, electricity, landlines and digital exchanges, but it will continue to function when landlines are inoperable; in the case of flooding, for example. With cloud-based telecoms, any data will be easily retrievable from cloud-based back-up systems, and the phones will continue to work. There should also be a reduction in the number of wires festooning the clubhouse. The versatility of cloud-based systems means that if you have a requirement for additional lines then this can be implemented almost immediately, rather than wait for an engineer to be booked. This could also be a boon for golf clubs who are often far from the local overcrowded exchange as, with a cloud-based system, only a good internet connection would be required; unlike the myriad of lines needed now. There are risks that need to be considered as cloud-based technology must exist on physical servers, and the location of those servers may be significant. Loss of internet connection will also compromise the system although any mobile phones that are integrated should continue to operate. However, there is no need to suddenly change your current system to a cloud-based system, but it is well worth looking into the details and considering the benefits and implications if your current contracts are up for renewal. The way we communicate is changing rapidly and cloud-based telecoms are just one of many ways that could have a huge impact on your future business.
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