Course Manager Death

With the recent successful prosecution of a golf club following the death of their course manager, it may be prudent for golf clubs to check their current records and procedures. The club, which denied the allegations, was fined a total of £150,000 to be paid over 3 years, and was found to have failed to: Ensure the health and safety of employees regarding a safe system of work for the management of trees. Provide a sufficient risk assessment.  Provide adequate training in equipment, namely chainsaws. One particular aspect of the case was that the deceased had informed the club that he had the necessary chainsaw training, however, this proved not to be true and the club was held responsible for not making calls to confirm his qualifications and experience with his two previous employers. The club was also found to be negligent regarding its lone worker policies and risk assessments. The club was prosecuted as a limited company, as it was legally responsible for the incident and although club directors attended the trial, they were not personally liable for prosecution. This protection from liability could not have occurred if the club had been unincorporated as the committee, trustees and members would have been individually or collectively liable for the debt should the club have been unable to pay.
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