Golf to engage with new audiences across Scotland

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The R&A is working with Scottish Golf on a pilot scheme to encourage to a new generation of players to take up the sport... The R&A and Scottish Golf are calling on venues across the country to get involved in an exciting pilot to increase interest and attract a new generation of players to the sport.  Consumer-driven beginner programmes have been specifically designed for new audiences and will be promoted through an online booking platform called Golf.Golf, supported by a series of targeted marketing campaigns. Launching in Scotland, before being rolled out globally, the aim of the Golf.Golf “Learn to Play” initiative is to engage with new audiences in a non-golfer-friendly way, reducing barriers, improving the overall perception of the sport and ultimately driving footfall to Scottish venues. Working collaboratively with partners including Scottish Golf, The R&A hopes to make the game more accessible, appealing and inclusive to ensure that it is still thriving 50 years from now. The initial phase of the programme will be to gather further insights and learnings to assist in developing global assets and tools in a bid to increase sustained participation. This will be done through testing and measuring the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns and beginner programme designs. These have been developed to engage with non-golfer audiences, change current perceptions and create opportunities for more people to easily access the game through a single consumer-friendly booking platform. Venues that choose to sign up to the pilot phase of the initiative have a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of a global expansion of the sport. Along with an increase in footfall from new golfers to their establishments, they will also benefit from involvement in national PR activities, paid-for social media campaigns and industry recognition as a Golf.Golf Friendly venue. Using an evidence-based approach from consumer insights and research, new beginner programmes have been designed and selected to appeal to particular groups of potential new golfers. These programmes are targeted at a range of different audiences with a mix of intensive, one-to-one and group sessions. To attract the widest audience reach as possible, the programmes, along with the marketing campaigns and the Golf.Golf booking platform, are presented in a friendly, clear and consistent manner, inclusive of all costs. The R&A is also working with a number of national and international Golf Ambassadors, including pop star Niall Horan and footballer Gareth Bale, to assist in engaging with new non-golfing audiences.  Phil Anderton, Chief Development Officer at The R&A, said: “The R&A's ambition is to inspire current and future generations to say ‘I love playing golf’ and to ensure that golf is open to all. "Through our research, we believe that we will able to attract new people to the sport and raise the profile of golf as an affordable, welcoming, appealing and inclusive activity, suitable for all ages and abilities. “With the ongoing support of all partners and venues, we’re confident that we will have a positive impact on sustained golf participation and create...
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