Is your club ready for winter golf?

As we prepare for a cold spell under WHS for the first time, England Golf have produced this guide for clubs on helping players to return scores throughout the period... Players should be encouraged to return scores for handicapping throughout the year. This document has been compiled to assist clubs prepare for winter golf and the requirements to ensure relevant scores for handicap purposes can continue to be submitted. Your County will be pleased to offer further advice, if required. Tee Set & Yardage Compliance The Rules of Handicapping require that for a score to be acceptable for handicap purposes, it must have been played over a measured and officially rated tee set. The set of tees must be registered on the WHS platform by England Golf. Every golfer should be made aware of the available course/tees for the day on arrival at the first tee; and whoever controls the first tee (Professional etc) should be fully informed. Appendix G of the WHS Rules of Handicapping clarifies that the front of the teeing area should not be placed more than +/- 10 yards from the fixed measurement point on each tee. In addition, the overall length of the course is not to be +/- 100 yards from its measured length (from the fixed marker). Anything outside of these parameters would invalidate any scores for handicap purposes. A 300 yards Rule provides for situations where there is a necessary shortening or lengthening of one or more holes by a total of more than 100 yards, but less than 300 yards: But only on a ‘temporary’ basis e.g. course excavation work/drainage etc. This ‘Temporary Rating’ must be submitted to, and approved by, England Golf. This will permit ‘acceptable scores’ to continue to be returned. The maximum duration of approval is one year. For such ratings, please use form CR003 obtainable from the England Golf website and submit the completed form together with the required documents to [email protected] Clubs and green staff teams are to be made aware of these requirements when setting up a course or tee set. Default Markers Within the WHS portal, clubs have the opportunity to switch on and off available tee sets. This functionality can stop scores being submitted in competitions and from general play at certain times of the year – for example to protect ‘Championship’ tees in the winter months or allow for course maintenance. The image illustrates the tick boxes involved. Any changes need to be saved. Winter Handicaps As WHS allows for the submission of scores from measured and rated tee sets throughout the year, any reference to a ‘Winter Handicap’ is no longer acceptable (note: a player may only have one handicap). Clubs may not run their own handicapping system. Annual Review  The annual WHS handicap index review process is to be completed between 1st October and the end of December each year. Specific criteria when completing a handicap review is detailed on pages 98 & 99 of the WHS Rules of Handicapping...
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