Five-time Food and Beverage Manager of the Year Glenn McNaughton reveals the secrets of his success

After picking up the prize yet again, Glenn McNaughton shared the story behind his success.

Long Ashton Golf Club’s Glenn McNaughton has won the 59club UK’s Food and Beverage Manager of the Year Award five times in a row.

Here, he shares some insight on how he and his team have managed such a remarkable feat — and sheds light on how other clubs may follow suit.

“As a manager within the club that has earned numerous 59club awards, it has been my privilege to be part of such a successful team. While managers may step up to collect these accolades, it’s crucial to acknowledge that without an amazing team backing you, such awards would not be attainable.

“It has been a privilege to contribute to assembling an exceptional team dedicated to delivering exceptional service. Many of our staff members have joined us from a young age, allowing us to train them according to our service standards. This dedication has been evident since the beginning of our partnership with 59club, despite the jests about their need for training when they first joined us! In all seriousness, Will Hewitt has consistently supported us, and we have built a great rapport with 59club. Their secret visits highlight areas where we may occasionally falter in our service.

“While we have achieved success with our awards, we never become complacent and continually strive to do more. This year, we have already updated our menu, maintaining our commitment to serving what I call good, honest pub grub, which our members and visitors thoroughly enjoy. Additionally, we are offering our members the opportunity to purchase fresh meat from our butchers at a fair price.

“We have also hosted several events this year, such as quiz nights and wine-tasting events, not for profit, but to provide our members with enjoyable experiences. Furthermore, we have initiated a monthly meat raffle, with 20% of the proceeds benefiting the captain’s chosen charity, the Jessie May Trust. We continue to offer our takeaway frozen meals and cakes, which generate significant revenue from items we already produce daily.

“The GM shared a lighthearted moment with me a few months ago during a team get-together. Standing together on a veranda, overlooking our staff, I couldn’t help but wear a wide, cheesy grin. He approached me, inquiring about the reason for my grin, and I gestured for him to look at the staff below. There were clubhouse staff, office staff, pro-shop employees, and green staff, all enjoying themselves.

“Though it might sound like a cliché, the truth is that we genuinely operate as a unified team. Countless times, our green staff have lent a hand with repairs or graciously stepped in to assist with front-of-house duties. Likewise, staff from every department have rallied together during course maintenance weeks or when collecting balls from the range. These instances fill me with an overwhelming sense of pride as a manager.”

By GCMA Content Team

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