Flexible Furlough Employment Law Changes

New Rules on flexible furlough have been announced under the amended Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, which commenced on 1st July. until the scheme is closed on 31stOctober 2020. The new rules clarify the requirement that employers renegotiate, in writing, the terms they previously agreed with employees furloughed before 1st July and agree new terms under the flexible furlough arrangements now in place. They also state that employers must retain these written agreements until at least 30thJune 2025. In practice this means that, if you intend to flexibly furlough an employee under the new scheme, you must agree the terms and lay them out in writing. If you subsequently require to change those terms at a later date you must again agree the new terms with the employee in writing once more and keep all the correspondence on file until 30th June 2025 at the earliest. Full details can be accessed by following this link to Section 13.
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