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An online helpdesk offers an advisory service answering your queries. This time: Fog policy, risk assessment and...AGMs during the Covid-19 pandemic? I wonder if you have a Fog Policy template that I could use at our club? The GCMA library has one you can use here. Do the GCMA have records/guidance of what sort of packages clubs are giving to their PGA Professionals who are employed on a retainer basis? The GCMA do not hold any records like this, however you could try the PGA and Joe Kelly, [email protected], would be the contact. Contacting similar clubs in your area may also yield relevant information. Do you have access to a government approved risk assessment for working practices under Covid? Click here. Does the GCMA have any advice on holding AGMs during Covid? A lot of clubs have held virtual AGMs, as the GCMA did back in June. The link below let you access a document from the website and we've embedded a video which both deal with running AGMs during Covid. Our committee are discussing staff membership of the golf course and I wondered if you could advise us if the below is correct please? If full membership is given this will be subject to P11D tax for the staff, which will mean National Insurance liabilities for the club as the fee will be treated as extra salary? Unless it can be argued that it is necessary as part of the requirements of the job then HMRC can regard this as a benefit in kind and therefore taxable. Managers and green staff have successfully argued that it is necessary to carry out the job correctly, which it is, and thus not a benefit in kind, however other posts within the club may struggle to do that.  However, it can also be argued that all staff should have a knowledge of the course and golf to enable them to carry out their jobs effectively, and for health & safety reasons. For instance, bar staff need to be able to engage with the golfers and also require the knowledge of where exactly is, say, the 7th tee in case of emergency. To that effect, some golf clubs have created a ‘Staff’ Membership Category and set the fee at a nominal rate, as clubs can set any rate for a membership category. Some allow access to comps, etc., others not. That would be up to the individual club. Where would I find a reputable supplier who can challenge our business rate valuation? You can search here for a qualified surveyor. An online helpdesk offers an advisory service. Visit
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