‘Why does it matter if you’re male or female?’

In a GCMA Hot Topics webinar, Golf Access director Simon Wood discussed the need to help beginning golfers transition into membership... “Just have competitions and let people play”. That was the message to clubs from the developer of a format designed to encourage new players into golf. In a GCMA Hot Topics webinar, Simon Wood, director of Golf Access, said: “Why does it matter whether your male or female? Just go out and have a game.” Wood was discussing family and beginner golf, with Golf Access’s new Women’s and Family Golf Project seeing the body work directly with clubs to create a “first class environment to encourage family participation in golf with a model of retention”. It aims to have 30 new women and girls try golf at each participating club and works through a series of phases, including introduction to venues, coaching, on course experiences, and routes into membership. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sadQ3L2gpdo Asked about some of the traditional times different genders might play golf at some clubs and whether that was changing, Wood said: “We're seeing a bit of a shift because generally Golf Access needs to play during a quieter time on the golf course – just so the members don’t have lots of beginners involved in the middle of their tee times. “The beginners will also feel at more at ease if they’re not quite at such a busy time at the club. “We’re finding this generates revenue during the quieter time on the course – whether that's in the evening or Sunday afternoon. “A lot of the females that go through Golf Access generally work. So, hopefully, then the club on a Saturday or Sunday can create some tee times for females so they continue that transition where they do become a member. “Certainly just create a competition – whether it's mixed – rather than it just being men’s day on Saturday, women’s days on a midweek. “Just have competitions and let people play. Why does it matter whether you’re male or female? Just go out and have a game.” You can watch the whole webinar – where Wood also discusses how to increase retention of women and girls in golf, Golf Access’s colour level system that measures attainment, their 50% conversion rate into membership, and the revenue opportunities presented – either in this article or by clicking this link. Do you subscribe to the GCMA’s weekly E-newsletter? Make sure you’re not missing out on the latest in the world of golf club management. Click here to join in.
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