GCMA Insights on Golf Club Talk UK: Labour shortage

Leighton Walker is joined by Gareth Morgan – GM at Long Ashton GC and Board member of GCMA, Jim Croxton, Steve Lloyd and Michael Herd, to discuss ongoing hospitality labour shortages.

On this episode of GCMA Insights, the Golf Club Talk UK team talk about the relevant and pressing issue of labour shortages, not just in golf but in the wider business world. Recruiting and retaining staff has become more difficult for many reasons and our panel of guests explore what the issues are and how clubs can help themselves in recruiting good staff.  

The discussion covers; providing the right salaries and benefits to attract staff, providing the right conditions and environment and ensuring you have the right governance. This is a must listen for anyone facing issues in recruitment and retention.


Jim Croxton CEO of BIGGA
Michael Herd Managing Consultant at Colt Mackenzie McNair
Steve Lloyd Course Manager at The Worcestershire and Chairman of BIGGA
Gareth Morgan GM at Long Ashton GC and Board member of GCMA

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By GCMA Content Team

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