GCMA Purpose, Vision and Values – A commitment to our members

Chief executive Tom Brooke outlines the Association’s aims and objectives for 2021 and the exciting membership benefits being launched this year These are exciting times to be a GCMA member. Our industry may still be enduring the coronavirus pandemic but brighter days lie ahead and your Association has many exciting projects and initiatives to enhance the support and development of golf club managers. Chief executive Tom Brooke has now laid out the purpose, vision and values of the GCMA under his stewardship and detailed some of the innovative projects that will come to fruition over the next few months. So here he talks about what’s on the way – from new Continued Professional Development opportunities to a new focus on personal development, leadership and wellbeing – and explains why there has never been a better time to be a member of the Association… OUR PURPOSE, OUR VISION AND OUR VALUES During my first few months with the GCMA I’ve been working really closely with the team at head office, as well as the board of directors, our regional managers, the Future Leaders’ Group and the Women’s Leadership Group. We've been working on the culture of our Association and looking at our identity. This is for us to really understand what's our purpose, what's our vision, and what are our values. By doing that, it allows us to build successfully for the future with clarity and with focus. So, first of all, our purpose. Our purpose is why we exist. It's our identity. We’ve agreed that our purpose is to: Make a positive difference to the golf industry by supporting the professional and personal wellbeing of our members. The Golf Club Managers’ Association was founded 88 years ago, by golf club managers for golf club managers. That’s never changed, and it will never change. Everything we do is about supporting the professional and personal wellbeing of you: our members. It's not just about helping you in your career. It's also about supporting you as individuals. In doing so, we have better people, running better golf clubs, to the betterment of the golf industry that we all love and that we all serve. Golf clubs and, in turn, golf club managers are absolutely at the heart of golf in the UK. So as an Association, and as individuals, we have a huge part to play in the success, and direction of golf. Secondly our vision. Our vision is our direction. It's where we're going. It's what we're setting out to achieve. Again, with the working parties that we've carried out over the last few months, we've been asking the questions: Are we well recognised in the industry? Are we recognised enough at the moment as an Association? Could we do more to provide support for our members? Are our members and, indeed golf club general managers, valued as much as they should be in the industry? I don't believe so. And I believe we need renewed focus to support our members. So...
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