GCMA SkillGate: Your passport to online learning and development

GCMA SkillGate offers more than 1,000 courses and will form a vital plank of the Association’s education offering. Here’s how it works… You may not immediately have noticed but the email that dropped into your baskets, welcoming you to GCMA SkillGate, is entrance to a world of new learning and development opportunities. A central part of chief executive Tom Brooke’s 2021 vision, your association has officially launched the online platform that is destined to become a pivotal part of the way education is delivered. Hopefully, you’re already navigating your way around and getting to grips with the huge range of courses on offer. For as Tom Brooke says: “There’s never been a better time to invest in yourself and your knowledge and skills. The GCMA will be your partner every step of the way.” What is SkillGate? SkillGate is an online learning platform to which GCMA members have free access – either through the GCMA website (click on the SkillGate thumbnail in the members’ area) or through the SkillGate app. You can download the app through the Apple Store or via Google’s Play Store. What is on offer? More apt would probably be: what isn’t? You will have access to more than 1,000 courses ranging from 30-minute tutorials to full certificates. Topics and learning opportunities include, but are not limited to: Achieving Your Potential, Better Communication, Develop Your Talents, Finance, IT Skills, Managing Business, Managing People, Remote Working, Sales and Service, Wellbeing and Written English. How does it work? When you sign in you will be presented with a welcome screen. On the left-hand side is what SkillGate call ‘the infinity library of content’. You can scroll through the courses and can use the search tool to access content via key word terms. SkillGate offers three main types of training. The first are ebooklets, which come in the form of a PDF document and can be downloaded and read as required. Supportive exercises are also on offer, as well as a content quiz that will be a final measurement of how well you have understood a particular topic. The second level comprises of tutorials. The majority of material found on SkillGate is in the tutorial format. Accessed stage-by-stage, introductions, pictures, videos and exercises help to reinforce knowledge on your chosen topic. The majority of tutorials will also include a quiz – again as a measurement of how much you’ve read and understood the training. Certificate programmes form the premier training modules on SkillGate. Combining tutorials and the ebooklets, each need to be worked through and they are scored. A certain mark is required to progress. These programmes can be done completely at your own pace, as more time is required to invest in them, but successful completion will result in a named GCMA-branded certificate, which also contains the course title and the percentage obtained. An optional element, known as assignments, asks further questions on covered course materials which, upon completion, is sent to a team of in-house tutors. They will...
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