GCMA statement on the EU Referendum result

As the UK continues to digest the news of the vote to leave the European Union, and even having taken a week to let the dust settle, it is still far too soon to gauge the potential effect of the decision on the UK golf industry.

However, it is clear that our members are often involved in decision making for every business area of the golf club, all of which could potentially be impacted – positively or negatively – by the country’s decision.

Some of the potential impacts are well known – we have already received a number of enquiries regarding the effect on the various VAT court cases, but there will inevitably be numerous other knock on effects that may not be immediately clear. Over the coming weeks and months, will be working with the government, our partners across the industry and with suppliers and industry experts to ascertain the tangible impacts the Brexit decision will make on golf club managers and their clubs.

We have a number of members across the EU – we envisage no change to their membership status, and, indeed, we hope to continue to recruit members from the continent.

Finally, we would like to advise our entire membership that the GCMA, its staff and myself, will continue to work to support our members, and to help keep the UK golf industry as healthy as possible.

Bob Williams
GCMA Chief Executive

By Bob Williams

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