Glyphosate Case August 2018

Many news channels are picking up on a story regarding glyphosate after an American court awarded $289m in damages to a former school groundskeeper after ruling that RoundUp/glyphosate caused his terminal cancer. The Amenity Forum have provided a response with regards to the weedkillers use in European jurisdiction.  The story has also been covered by GolfBusinessNews who report, " In the case of the active glyphosate, it has only recently undergone a thorough review in Europe and been re-approved for use in amenity situations as a safe chemical. This review, conducted by the Expert committee of scientists in Europe and approved by vote of member states, took into account some concerns expressed about the active possibly having carcinogenic effects. Based on all the science and evidence available, it was concluded that these were unfounded, and it was safe to use." Read the full article here
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