Go Zero Charge becomes EV technology partner of the Golf Club Managers’ Association

We’re delighted to announce our newest business partner, Go Zero Charge. An Electronic Vehicle (EV) charging company with a passion for golf.

Introducing Go Zero Charge

By working with Go Zero Charge, golf clubs can embrace sustainable technologies – appealing to the sport’s diverse, eco-conscious demographic – and generate a non-traditional revenue stream. Go Zero Charge gives 100% of EV charging points to its commercial partners and only adds 5p per kW plus VAT on top of a customer’s charge (post-installation).

Go Zero Charge has placed an increased priority on entering the golf space in 2023 – sponsoring Dan Bradbury for the 2023 DP World Tour and this month announcing a new partnership with Andrew Murray Golf, the leading corporate golf event experts – and will attend the GCMA National Conference from Sunday, November 12, to Tuesday, November 14, to directly engage with managers of golf clubs.

Situated at stand 8, Go Zero Charge is holding a competition for golf managers to win a round of golf with Dan Bradbury at a future date, simply by scanning a QR code. After turning professional in mid-2022, Dan secured a fairytale maiden DP World Tour title at the 2022 Joburg Open in his third professional start and is preparing to defend his crown next month.

David Wells, Chief Executive Officer at www.GoZeroCharge.com, commented:

“Becoming the EV technology partner of the GCMA is a strong testament to the functionality and quality of our EV charging solution for golf clubs – we’re very proud that the GCMA took this step with us. It’s important that golf clubs embrace electric mobility and meet the demand for robust EV charging infrastructure.

“We’re excited to work alongside the GCMA and look forward to attending the GCMA National Conference next month, where we hope to engage with golf managers and inform them of the current lucrative opportunity for businesses to support EV charging solutions now and earn significant supplementary income as car parks become the fuelling stations of tomorrow.”

Darren Wood, Partnerships Manager at the Golf Club Managers’ Association (GCMA), added:

“At the GCMA, we want to provide our members with the highest quality integrations and solutions, which led us to Go Zero Charge. Go Zero Charge’s EV charging solution is custom-made for golf clubs, allowing them to embrace sustainable technologies and generate a non-traditional revenue stream.”

Golf clubs are an increasingly popular business hub, with the curated, intimate setting providing the perfect opportunity for C-level executives, founders, influencers, legal experts, regulatory authorities and other thought leaders – all of whom are more likely to drive EVs – to connect with like-minded individuals and forge valuable relationships. By offering on-site EV charging, golf clubs can continue to attract more of these high-ranking visitors.

Like WiFi, members will be disappointed if their golf club of choice fails to provide an amenity like EV charging. Go Zero Charge’s software allows golf clubs to customise their kWh charging tariff, potentially including discounts or even free charging for high-ranking members.

At a time when the positive image of sustainability has never been more crucial, working with Go Zero Charge allows golf clubs to underscore their commitment to reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a greener future while providing top-of-the-line EV technology, removing any inconvenience for members and supplementing their stay.

Learn more about Go Zero Charge and how their EV technologies could benefit your club by visiting their partner page on the GCMA website.

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