Golf Genius: Powering golf in the Yorkshire region

Steve Boustead, GCMA Regional Manager for Yorkshire, has seen first-hand the impact Golf Genius has had in his region The Yorkshire GCMA region is just one of 16 in the UK and has around 200 members – one of the largest among them all. For many years, Golf Genius has played an active role within Yorkshire through the use of its Tournament Management solution by the region's golf clubs and by providing expertise and experience to those seeking digital solutions to run their operations. At event-level, its software is now being used to power the biggest tournaments across the region such as the Yorkshire Challenge and all Yorkshire-level amateur events, through the company's support of the men's and ladies' unions. The high level of uptake among clubs was bound to spill over into GCMA regional set-ups at some point too. Steve Boustead, the Regional Manager of the Yorkshire GCMA region, has overseen the addition of Golf Genius for his events and strongly supports the value of its integration. "We began with Golf Genius following Jake Rhodes' (International Sales Manager) attendance at one of our regional meetings, who gave a great oversight to our members about the benefits of well-run golf events," he said. "In 2023 alone, I have used the software to arrange and set up a three-day golf event at different venues, with the software working perfectly. All the players involved could see their position at the touch of a button. "I would say the key features that we have found the most benefit from include the live leaderboard and TV set-up, the ability to easily clone events, the email messaging communication, and the on-course scoring capabilities." Returning to the club level, Golf Genius' role supporting General Managers and their respective facilities in Yorkshire covers more than 20, each ranging in size, structure, and service offering. This includes the likes of Jon Duck at Lindrick Golf Club, James Glover at Hallamshire Golf Club and Chris Gardner at Bentham Golf Club, with the latter commenting on the club's use of the BRS & Golf Genius integration: "We were looking for a more in-depth competition software that easily integrated with BRS as well as providing a user-friendly system for members to interface with. We were also looking for a system which would simplify the way we administer competitions at the end of a competition day." Known for its best-in-class features, its Tournament Management solution is able to transform golf events and competitions into dynamic, interactive experiences for everyone involved. "The Golf Genius software has now allowed every member to register online, and I can email them directly about the event – helping to improve the communication and efficiency of information sharing." Steve Boustead, GCMA Regional Manager for Yorkshire Event delivery is administration heavy, with processes such as player registration, competition updates and WHS synchronising being grappled with by GMs on a daily basis. This is where Golf Genius has been providing an immediate impact for its customers, helping to alleviate all of...
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