Got a governance issue? You’ll find the answer at our first National Education Day

Industry experts Eddie Bullock and Jerry Kilby will be talking about this hugely important golf club topic at The Kendleshire on May 27…

Without it, golf clubs simply can’t function properly.

But what is effective club governance? At the GCMA’s first National Education Day you’ll find out all you need to know.

Leading industry experts Eddie Bullock and Jerry Kilby will be looking at the challenges of governance and considering case studies to show how lessons can be learned at the event held at The Kendleshire, on Friday, May 27.

Part of an exciting addition to the Association’s education and personal development provision, the National Education Days are providing top-level speakers addressing on key industry topics and workplace issues.

Open to both GCMA members and non-members, those from Midland, Wales, South West, Wessex, and surrounding regions should not miss the chance to dive into this hugely important issue.

Eddie and Jerry will also consider the nuances between the roles of Manager, Secretary, Managing Secretary, Club Manager, General Manager and CEO, as well as looking at skills mapping of boards and committees, relationship management, and how to make better decisions.

They will also be joined by The R&A’s Director of Sustainable Golf, Arlette Anderson, and Dr Marie Athorn, Business Conservation Advisor at the RSPB, who will be discussing the growing importance of sustainability.

But, on governance, Eddie and Jerry stressed the vital role it plays in the golf industry and accentuated the part of volunteers.

“Club governance is probably the most important factor that is affecting the golf industry today,” they said.

“If Clubs do not have an effective governance structure, they will struggle to implement their plans for the future, and effective governance is accountable and transparent decision-making.

“The role of volunteers in a not-for-profit golf club is a very important one, nominated volunteers provide a “useful conduit” between the Boards and their memberships, and clubs must give clear guidance to those who may be thinking of volunteering as to what will be expected of them if they were elected.

“Effective club governance is equally important in proprietary golf clubs, with clear accountability between the owners and the employed management team.”

The event at The Kendleshire is priced at £50 for GCMA members, and £95 for non-members, and Association members are encouraged to book for interested chairpeople and board members who may also benefit. To book a spot, click here.

Further National Education Days will be held later in the year – with dates and venues announced shortly.

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By GCMA Content Team

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