Is it time for your club to consider flexible membership?

GCMA partner PlayMoreGolf explores what benefits a golfer might gain from a flexible points-based membership.

The question of whether a flexible membership is right for golfers is not necessarily a question many golf clubs have had to ask themselves recently given the unprecedented boom.

Although, we know from industry experts that the number of golfers joining golf clubs has reduced. So, as golf clubs continue their planning for 2024, it is an important question to ask. 

A flexible points-based membership system can offer several benefits to golfers and golf clubs. This type of membership structure is designed to provide golfers with more options and control over their golfing experiences. Here are some of the benefits: 

Why a golfer and golf club might want flexible membership  

1) Cost Efficiency: Golfers can often get better value with a flexible points-based membership compared to traditional categories. Flexible Members only pay for the rounds they play, which can be more cost-effective for occasional golfers.  Joining as a full member may not a cost-effective solution for them at this time. Golf clubs can use a flexible membership category as a steppingstone to attract golfers to full membership. At PlayMoreGolf, we know that on average 20% of members who do not renew this us have upgraded into a full membership.    

2) Flexibility: Points-based memberships allow golfers to choose when and where they want to play. They can use their points for tee times at their convenience, including peak and off-peak hours. Golf clubs can set the parameters for when they would like flexible members to play, which ensures their flexible scheme works seamlessly alongside other members categories. 

3) Try Different Courses: Golfers can use their points to play at various courses, allowing them to experience different challenges and landscapes. A key benefit when golfers join a PlayMoreGolf scheme is the ability to play at 200 other clubs using their “away points.” 

4) Guest Privileges: Many points-based membership systems allow golfers to use their points to bring guests along. This makes it easier to enjoy the game with friends or family members who may not be members. This is a key benefit with PlayMoreGolf Members who can manage this entire process through their app.

Giving golfers more flexible membership benefits

5) Easy Management: Members can often manage their points and bookings online or through a mobile app. Making it convenient to track and use their membership benefits.   

6) Flexibility in Booking Tee Times: Golfers with points-based memberships often have the flexibility to book tee times at their convenience. Majority of flexible members can get excellent value by playing at off peak times due to the set up of the points matrix. Furthermore, 78% of golf rounds played by PlayMoreGolf members are played at off peak times. This ensures that golf clubs can balance the needs of all golfers using their club. 

7) Transparent Usage: Points-based memberships often come with online platforms or apps that allow golfers to track their points, usage, and spending, providing transparency and helping them manage their golfing budget effectively. In addition, PlayMoreGolf members can track all of this through a dashboard, which ensures they stay connected. 

8) Reduced Administrative Hassle: Golf clubs may benefit from reduced administrative overhead associated with managing traditional memberships. The points-based system can streamline billing and account management. This is one of the key reasons why many golf clubs elect not to introduce a flexible membership. We work with many partner clubs to do exactly that. Reduce their admin time. 

9) Increased Revenue for Clubs: Clubs can generate additional revenue by introducing a flexible membership scheme that works alongside more traditional membership categories. That additional revenue coming into the club can help to ensure subscription increases are kept to a minimum or some clubs use the extra revenue to re-invest back into the club. 

What flexible membership category is right for your golf club? 

It is important to note that the specific benefits and features of a flexible points-based membership system can vary from one golf club or to another.  

Golfers should carefully review the terms and conditions of such memberships to ensure they align with their individual preferences and needs.  

If your club would like to discuss flexible membership benefits, please get in contact.

This content was provided by GCMA partner PlayMoreGolf and written by Brad Chard, the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

By GCMA Content Team

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