How to learn the Rules of Golf

Getting to grips with the laws that govern our game can be a daunting experience. Ahead of his VIP speaker's appearance at GCMA 2021 Conference on Sunday, let former European Tour chief referee John Paramor help you through... John Paramor has probably forgotten more about the Rules of Golf than most of us know. In a career which spanned nearly 45 years and saw him rise to be the European Tour’s chief referee, he was the familiar face in the buggy racing round the world’s biggest tournaments dispensing his considerable knowledge. But while the Rules can become second nature to those who have spent a life immersed in them, for many of us at our clubs they remain a thing of mystery. Whether it’s struggling to understand the technicalities or being put off by the prospect of delving into potentially hundreds of pages of text, it can be a challenge to wrap your heads around what’s required to play the game as it should be. Ahead of his VIP speaker appearance at GCMA 2021 Conference, on November 21 at Wyboston Lakes Resort, in Bedfordshire, John outlines a couple of key principles as to how you can make understanding the Rules easier... BOOK NOW FOR GCMA 2021 CONFERENCE Getting to know The Rules of the Game I started to learn the Rules of Golf from playing with, listening to, and watching other golfers and gaining the necessary experience to allow me to enjoy playing and mostly as the laws of the game allow.  Those early encounters will stay with you for ever - like teeing up between the markers, not touching your ball in play until you reach the putting green and not touching the sand near your ball in a bunker. All basics. Many others first learn about the Rules of the game by watching and listening to fellow competitors and opponents – people you played golf with both on and off the course. Many of the Rules are intuitive and based on good old common sense. Most golfers know more about the Rules than they give themselves credit for knowing.  It is amazing how many fellow golfers will be very keen to tell you if you make a mistake with the Rules and a surprising number of these will be delighted to assist because to help someone actually makes you feel good.  There are some golfers who would be able to quote some of the Rules verbatim but do they really know what they mean? The most important part of gaining rules knowledge is understanding what each Rule means.  The only way to understand the Rules is to firstly understand the defined terms that exist throughout the Rules booklet.  The Rules bodies in charge of writing the Rules even make the identification of a Definition easy by printing it in italic script so that, as soon as you come across an italicized word or phrase, it means it has a further explanation that’s located immediately after the 24 Rules...
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