Managing Change

Who was it that said that ‘the only thing in life that is constant is change’? Whilst I more than most accept that we all have to change, specially in this day and age, I am beginning to wonder why the changes that are happening at HQ all seem to be coming at once. In the world of golf clubs, how often do we relate to ‘spinning plates’ or ‘balls in the air’?

It doesn’t seem to make any difference from the time that I sat in the secretaries chair to today when my role at the GCMA is somewhat different from then. With ongoing meetings and conversations regarding the imminent move of headquarters and the pending appointment of a media and communications coordinator, we are now in the middle of finalising the venue and dates for the 2015 conference. So to try and give an update on some of these changes is, to say the least, somewhat disjointed!

Move of headquarters

At present we are preparing to move from the office premises at Beaconsfield Road in Weston-super-Mare during the first week of September. Further notification will be issued in next month’s magazine of the new address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. We will also be sending an email to all members in advance of the new details.

Conference 2015

Following the succession of conferences at Hinckley Island in Leicestershire, we are about to finalise the venue arrangements for the 2015 Conference which will be held in November at a fairly central location for ease of travelling from all corners of the UK. Having taken into account the views of both those managers and secretaries who attend and just as importantly those who don’t, we will be rolling out the revised agenda, change of venue as well as many different oppor tunities that offer an array of options and packages that should suit all of you. It is planned to make an announcement within the next couple of months.

National Golf Meeting, Royal Blackheath GC

What an excellent occasion! Just over 40 members par ticipated for the right to win either the Greenshield Memorial Trophy or the Founders Cup at the extremely well presented Royal Blackheath GC. Dating back to 1608, the ambience and welcome received was one that will be remembered by all that were for tunate to be in attendance. With our host secretary Gordon Hogg providing a most informative tour of the golf museum, the day was completed with glorious sunshine and the worthy winners.

Louis_Matamala_teeing_off(1)Greenshield Memorial Trophy

1st Louis Matamela Gross 74
2nd Richard Hall Gross 75
3rd Neil Harris Gross 81

Founders Trophy
1st Alan Findlater Nett 71
2nd Clive Hadley Nett 73
3rd Michael Hoare Nett 73


Sam_&_Rick_-_On_Course_Foundation(1)On-Course Foundation

The day was ably assisted by two of the On-Course Foundation team Sam Stoddart and Rick Webb, who took over the competition administration of registration as well as star ting and collating the scores. Both of these gentlemen have suffered severe injuries whilst serving their country overseas, but both remain keen golfers and are presently working with the Foundation with a view to gaining employment within the golf industry.

Having agreed that the GCMA will partner the On-Course Foundation, I would be most grateful if you could either invite them to your regions or even your clubs if there is an opportunity. I would also like to thank Club Systems and Majestic Crystal for their provision of prizes and assistance on the day – it was greatly appreciated. With one eye on 2016, we are presently in discussions with Beau Desert GC in the Midlands to host the event next year.

Looking Ahead

The recently elected Board of Directors met for the second time since the incorporation process, and again I am pleased to report that there is a real desire to provide a future strategic plan that gives clear vision and direction from which the Association can move forward. The ongoing educational development work with the CMAE and England Golf is on the agenda and will be subject to a number of meetings that will have been held at the Open a couple of weeks ago. As I know, a number of our members will have been at the Open as this event always provides an opportunity for those of us that work within this industry to meet and share ideas and thoughts.

Whilst this is probably one of the shortest reports that I have put together, it is certainly not indicative of the activity back at HQ! Which takes me back to the beginning of this article – the person who said ‘the only thing in life that is constant is change’ was a Greek philosopher called Heraclitus of Ephesus who lived from 475 BC to 535 BC and known for his doctrine of change being central to the universe.

I wonder if he ever sat on a committee?

By Bob Williams

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