Meet the Board: Kerry Alligan-Smith

We speak to members of the GCMA board of directors about their backgrounds, motivations for joining the board, and expertise in golf club management. This week: Redditch's Kerry Alligan-Smith Quick career background I started my career in banking with Abbey National, and then I went into media sales and managing shopping centres. I also headed up various major events at the London Olympic park after the Games, where I worked with a number of brands including UEFA, Longines, Global Champions Tour, Formula 1, Swiss Re, Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games and the Rugby World Cup. I then took a year out and decided that I wanted to work closer to home, and I joined Redditch as general manager in winter 2017. Why did you join the GCMA in the first place? I was fortunate to join the GCMA as soon as I started at Redditch, as the club was really looking to take the next step in its development, and the committee supported the guidance and networking I needed to be able to develop quickly within the industry. It seemed like the natural thing to do. What motivated you to apply to join the board? I have a passion for making a difference and trying something new. I feel I can help the industry to try something different and set new trends to support the constant challenges we all face.What skills do you think you contribute? Hopefully I can help install a confidence in other managers to embrace change, develop a stronger sense of community within our clubs and have the courage to try something different for the benefit of our members. What do you hope to achieve during your term? I'd like to see the association grow and to see managers develop their teams and encourage them grow within the industry. What is your vision for the association? To provide inspiration and support to managers and their teams within a healthy industry environment, and for everyone to have a sense of community outside of our golf clubs. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? 'Sleep on it!' We can all get wrapped up in the constant barrage of demands and it could be the smallest issue that can really push you over the edge. So, sleep and recharge your batteries, which will sharpen your mind to deal with anything that comes your way. What's the best mistake you've ever made? Ha! I've made plenty but I would say I was lucky to become a general manager with no background and I must admit coming from a corporate environment I was not fully prepared. However, I have never looked back and wish I had joined the industry sooner. “Every golf club manager should read this book…" 'Our Iceberg is Melting' by John Kotter is a must read! Not only will the penguins steal your heart, but it will make you a smarter leader. Describe golf club management in 10 words or less Let's's challenging and demanding but rewarding at the...
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