Meet the Board: Richard Weeks

We speak to members of the GCMA board of directors about their backgrounds, motivations for joining the board, and expertise in golf club management. This week: Alwoodley's Richard Weeks Quick career background I initially trained as PGA Golf Professional while enjoying positions at Fulford Golf Club, The Berkshire Golf Club, and Roehampton Club, before becoming Director of Golf and then General Manager at Hunley Hotel & Golf Club near Saltburn, North Yorkshire. The last role is where I transitioned into the management and administration of golf clubs. In 2020, I was fortunate to be offered the role of Managing Secretary at Alwoodley Golf Club in Leeds, where I'm still enjoying my role to the current day. A true northerner at heart, I live with my family close to Alwoodley and I still enjoy playing the game both socially and competitively when time allows. Why did you join the GCMA in the first place? I saw joining the GCMA as a form of support network in the first instance. Club management can be a lonely place so to be part of an industry body that is able to offer professional advice as well as having an online resource library were reasons for joining. Furthermore, the opportunity to meet and learn from other club managers was really appealing to me. What motivated you to apply to join the board? To be honest, I hadn't really considered it until after helping on a podcast, someone suggested it might be something I should think about. On reflection, I realised that it would be a great way to gain a better understanding of the organisation as well as give a little back, hopefully through the knowledge I've built up over the years. Finally and selfishly, it was appealing to get an understanding of being on the other side of the fence! As club managers, we're often working with/for a board, so to learn the art of governing from a different direction has been enjoyable. What skills do you think you contribute?  I feel my experience counts for a lot. I came into the industry through the PGA side and started working in pro shops before learning about other areas of golf clubs. I've also worked in the proprietary sector which has allowed me a different angle on the industry, so I feel I'm able to lean on these experiences when it comes to discussing ideas and strategic plans for the organisation.   What do you hope to achieve during your term?  I don't feel I have any set agenda, however it would be great to make sure new and younger club managers and assistant managers are fully supported in their development. As mentioned above, golf clubs can be lonely places at times, so to get the message across that there is support out there would be a great project to develop further. What is your vision for the association?  That the GCMA is a really useful tool for all Club Managers and offers great value in how it can help and support its members. What do you...
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