Meet the GCMA: Amelia Brice

What is your role?

My role as Communications Executive encompasses a bit of everything. My main duties, however, include composing the weekly e-newsletter and helping to write content for the magazine and website. I am also the first port-of-call for GCMA recruitment inquiries. I help with any content that needs to be put together – from press releases to reports.


How did you become involved with the GCMA?

I went through a golf academy when I was a lot younger, before becoming a member – and working as a waitress – at Crowborough Beacon GC in the South East when I was growing up. Going to University to study English and American Literature halted my involvement with golf, but whilst looking for aAmelia career down in Bristol I was lucky enough to stumble across a writing opportunity with the GCMA. What’s an average day in your job? Chasing copy for magazine advertising is the first thing I usually tackle, before working through daily tasks depending on what is most pressing that week. At the time of writing, I was working on copy for the Regional Managers Conference as well as gathering information and content for the e-newsletter and magazine. As the main point of contact for the new GCMA recruitment service, I take a number of calls to discuss with golf clubs the opportunities we offer for advertising their management roles with us.

What do you enjoy most about it?

Attending training courses, Diploma days and other educational seminars. I grasp more understanding and awareness each time about how to manage a golf club and the vast number of components and challenges managers face. This is something that really interests me – the managerial teaching side of the association.

How is your golf and what’s been your best golfing experience?

At 16 I was a 27 handicap but, as I mentioned, I haven’t played golf for many, many years. Now part of the GCMA, I am starting to get back in to the game, overcoming the first hurdle of finding a set of ladies left-handed clubs. My favourite experience is hitting a couple of balls on a gorgeous course in Bermuda when I worked for British Airways as cabin crew.

What opportunities lie ahead for the GCMA?

Having joined just three months ago, I can see there is an opportunity for the association to become a recognised leading educational authority in golf club management, appealing to younger managers and their development. How would you like to see the GCMA develop? It would be great if the GCMA becomes recognised professionally, like the PGA, where it becomes a necessity for golf club managers to be a GCMA member and, even further, to hold a GCMA qualification.

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