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We speak to James Sampson, partnerships manager for Inspired Energy, to learn more about how golf clubs can better manage their energy costs Tell us about your company… Inspired are the UK’s leading Commercial Energy and Sustainability advisor. Our purpose is to support businesses to manage their energy and water costs effectively and to help them deliver their net zero targets. With over 550 experts servicing over 3,000+ Corporate clients (£2.7bn+ of energy spend under management) throughout the UK and Ireland, Inspired have the experience, expertise and resources to meet every business energy and water challenge. What does your job involve? I work closely with third party organisations – similar to the GCMA – offering members or clients assistance with their commercial energy and sustainability costs. My role is to work with our partners to develop content and product packages that answer the questions of the particular sector we are dealing in. As a group we offer over 100 services but not all will be applicable to every business – it is important through our relationships that we develop a good understanding of the challenges facing different sectors. Why did your company decide to partner with the GCMA? The leisure and hospitality industry has had a very hard couple of years and we know that with rising energy prices there is the potential for further strain in the future. We wanted to offer members a suitable solution and the ability to work with the UK’s leading consultancy to provide information and on-going support. It is a complex market place. In addition there is a wider pattern shift in the golf industry towards a more sustainable future and there are many options available to golf clubs to ensure they are doing their bit for the sector. We are aware that smaller organisations/clubs will not necessarily have the funds or resources to carry out a lot of this work – so together with the GCMA we have created a Sustainability Fund. For each and every member that gets involved with Inspired or one of our partners, we will make a payment into a Sustainability fund (held by the GCMA) that will be made available to members to assist in their sustainable journey. We want to create a community feeling where it is all for one and one for all! How can your company benefit GCMA members? Inspired have over 100 services but to breakdown handful of the most popular services. Risk manged energy purchasing – available to larger members who may look to purchase their energy in a more beneficial manner by allowing our risk management specialists to advise on purchasing decisions. Invoice validation – our experts can ensure every invoice that is paid is 100% correct. Energy efficiency – our Optimisation experts can assist clubs in managing their energy consumption and controlling wastage. This can be anything from behavioural changes from staff all the way to onsite generation projects and system upgrades. Compliance – for those clubs that fall in scope...
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