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IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM GOLF IRELAND TECH SUPPORT IN RELATION TO THE WORLD HANDICAP SYSTEM PLEASE READ CAREFULLY This mail is intended for the attention of Golf Club Officials who are using the Clubhouse section of the new Golf Ireland website for Club and Handicap Administration purposes. Please share this with staff and handicap committees who use the system for both handicapping and administrative purposes.  Thank You! Once again, we’d like to thank you for all the work you have done to ensure the relatively smooth introduction of WHS in Ireland. Since the launch, your feedback has been a great help to us in identifying issues which required urgent fixes. Issues which affect the system and/or a large number of members have been given priority. We will continue to apply improvements and fix bugs and your continued feedback is welcomed in this regard.   Away Members: Many clubs have successfully completed the task of linking Away Members to their Home Club membership number. This will ensure that scores will at their Away Club will be included on their Handicap Record and that an up to date Handicap Index will always be available to their Away Club. It will also ensure that your Away Members are not included in your Golf Ireland Annual Subscription Invoice.  We appreciate that some clubs have large numbers of Away Members and that the task of linking large volumes of Away Members is an onerous one. Hence we will complete the process for you if you send us a list, in MS Excel, detailing the first name, surname, Home Club number and their number at your club (i.e. their Away Club number). Golf Ireland Member Cards  You may have noticed a new feature on the Member’s Portal which allows members to submit a request for a card order. This facility does not permit a member to directly order a card. Instead, it sends a request to the Club, via the Clubhouse. Once the club has approved the request, the card is then ordered. We added a message to the member’s page, making it clear that there is a charge for the card. We haven’t specified the amount of the charge as we are conscious that some clubs add to the amount charged to the club by Golf Ireland, in order to cover their own overheads. Regarding Member Numbers on newly ordered cards: All cards for new members will start with the numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4, representing the four Regions of Golf Ireland (1 = Ulster; 2 = Munster; 3 = Leinster and 4 = Connacht). Also, you should note that the last four digits of the member number are generated in a different way than they were on Golfnet. The system automatically assigns a new member the lowest available non-assigned number. This can be overridden by the user who can instead choose any four-digit number which is not assigned to an active or resigned member. Scores/Handicaps Marked as Pending: You may have noticed both scores and handicaps...
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