Need to know: Updated guidance on disinfecting premises

We bring you the latest news from Government, the legislation you need to know, and what’s going on in the wider GCMA world… This week: Updated information from the HSE on disinfecting premises; A policy checker and FAQs for Business Interruption Insurance claims... BUSINESS INTERRUPTION INSURANCE CLAIMS The FCA has published a policy checker and FAQs to help policyholders find out if their insurance policy may cover business interruption losses caused by coronavirus and what they can do next. MEMBER REQUEST One of our members is considering introducing Course Marshals using volunteers and would be interested in discussing this with anyone who has been successful in the past. Please email  [email protected] who will co-ordinate. DISINFECTING PREMISES HSE has updated their guidance on disinfecting premises during Covid to include advice on the health risks of using walk-through misting or spraying systems. HSE and public health bodies in England, Wales and Scotland have agreed joint advice on the risks to health from walk-through disinfecting systems for dutyholders considering using them to reduce transmission of coronavirus. Spraying people with disinfectants is not recommended under any circumstances (including in a tunnel, cabinet, or chamber). The World Health Organisation has also confirmed that it could be harmful and does not reduce the spread of the virus. This is because transmission is usually through droplets or contact, so the effectiveness of these systems is likely to be minimal. There is more information from the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) on potential health risks from whole-body walk-through systems. The updated page on HSE’s site also has helpful advice on: cleaning premises using fog, mist or UV treatment the law on disinfectants only using HSE-authorised products in the UK supply and manufacture of disinfectants  
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