New eBook Release — “Club Crisis Management: A Response Guide to Major Incidents”

Empowering clubs to navigate crisis situations, with Fieldfisher and OBBI Golf.

In the serene world of golf, where the rolling greens and gentle swaying trees create an illusion of tranquillity, crisis can still strike unexpectedly.

The 2023 Masters serves as a stark reminder of this reality. Strong winds uprooted trees, sending spectators into a frenzy, narrowly avoiding disaster. While such high-profile events capture headlines, clubs face myriad daily risks for both visitors and employees.

“Low Risk?” — A deceptive notion

Some may perceive clubs as low-risk environments, but they harbour hidden dangers. From falling trees to heavy equipment operation, hazards lurk in the serene landscape. Recognising these risks, clubs must proactively prepare for crisis situations.

Key preparedness measures

The newly released eBook from Fieldfisher and Obbi, Crisis Management: A Response Guide to Major Incidents, outlines essential procedures and policies to mitigate risks and manage crises effectively.

Preparedness measures include:

  • Health and Safety policy
  • Incident response protocol
  • Risk assessments
  • Crisis Management strategies
  • Immediate action in crisis

In the immediate aftermath of a crisis, swift and decisive action is paramount. Key steps include:

  • Prompt emergency response
  • Area securing and safety assurance
  • Scene preservation and documentation
  • Coordination with emergency services
  • Incident reporting and legal consultation
  • Leveraging technology for safety

In today’s digital age, technology plays a pivotal role in crisis management. Digital solutions, such as Obbi, a safety, compliance and training platform, offer comprehensive incident reporting features, ensuring proactive safety measures and compliance adherence. Using technology, clubs can tackle crises head-on, fostering a culture of safety and responsiveness.

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About Fieldfisher

The eBook Crisis Management: A Response Guide to Major Incidents is co-authored by Neil Cahill, Director at Fieldfisher LLP, based in their Dublin office. Fieldfisher LLP provides a suite of health and safety services, offering expert guidance in crisis response, incident management, and complex legal and regulatory landscapes. Visit for more information.

About Obbi Golf

Obbi Golf is a leading safety, compliance and training platform for clubs. Obbi empowers clubs to enhance safety protocols, streamline compliance efforts, and foster a culture of safety and proactive risk management. Visit to learn more.

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