Partner feature: New ‘unique’ flexible XVIII membership launched by PlayMoreGolf to boost reach of top clubs 

A new flexible premium membership innovation – XVIII – has been launched by GCMA Partner PlayMoreGolf to enable leading golf clubs to “build a new generation of high-value golfer”.

The pioneering XVIII initiative – complemented by the IX product – has been designed to add a new dimension to existing membership offerings at high-end clubs across the UK and will complement services provided by tee sheet providers. 

It will ensure that golf club operators can embrace the trusted technology and the wide range of benefits that has established highly successful PlayMoreGolf as the UK’s largest flexible golf membership offering.

The new membership is a full customisable ‘white label’ product created by PlayMoreGolf Limited. It will be re-branded by individual golf club operators, boosting their revenue streams by adding a new dimension to their offering and supporting corporate activity. 

While XVIII is the generic term for the new initiative, the product takes two forms – XVIII and IX – and they are both designed to target a new emerging segment of the golf market, addressing the gap in the premium golf and leisure industry between full membership and the pay-and-play market. 

The IX will enable course operators which are not serviced by traditional membership

to manage a bespoke flexible membership category to boost their own offering and benefit from the network within PlayMoreGolf.

Alastair Sinclair (pictured), CEO, PlayMoreGolf, said: ”We are incredibly excited to have launched XVIII – a new offering which will provide lots of important benefits for leading golf clubs across the UK. 

“XVIII is unique and we know it will enable golf club operators to rise to the complex challenges of lifestyle changes and build a new generation of high-value golfer and will also support the leisure industry to widen its reach.

“The XVIII and IX products have been launched following many years of research and development. Our exclusive new white labelled product for the premium golf and leisure market will enable operators to increase profitability and reduce administration.” 

Using a points-based scheme, XVIII is fully customisable to individual club requirements enabling operators to build a new category of income that operates alongside existing offerings.

The XVIII membership stays true to PlayMoreGolf’s emphasis on flexibility and is a point-based system and offers golfers access to leading golf clubs which are part of the PlayMoreGolf community nationwide.  

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By Mike Hyde

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