PlayMoreGolf unites with GCMA to ensure golf goes from ‘strength to strength’


The company, which offers flexible and affordable golf membership, has joined the GCMA business family as an associate partner…

PlayMoreGolf, the UK’s largest flexible golf membership offering, has today announced a partnership with the GCMA that will strengthen the organisations’ “crucial roles” in the sport.

The new formal relationship will see the two unite in a bid to ensure the long-term prosperity of golf clubs across the UK, with PlayMoreGolf acting as “trusted advisors” to the Golf Club Managers’ Association, providing support and offering guidance on flexible membership.

PlayMoreGolf is the first flexible golf membership linking more than 250 golf courses across the UK under one membership. With over 12,000 active players it is the largest online golfing community.

The Golf Club Managers’ Association is the leading Association in the UK for anyone employed in a position of golf club management. The Association provides its nationwide community of members with a wide range of support services, networking and professional development opportunities.

Brad Chard, PlayMoreGolf relationship director, said; “We are delighted to have launched PlayMoreGolf’s partnership with the Golf Club Managers’ Association whose members form the backbone of the golfing community.

“Our game is flourishing and together we will strive to make the game as accessible to as many golfers as possible. This is the best way to ensure UK golf goes from strength to strength.

“Flexible memberships, running alongside traditional five-to-seven day memberships to reach out to a broad range of golfers’ playing frequencies, are key to the sustainability of the game.

“We look forward to working with the Association whose members are vital to the smooth running of courses nationwide. We both have crucial roles to play in ensuring golf flourishes and, as trusted advisors, PlayMoreGolf will offer expert support and insight to the Association.

“Golf enjoyed an unprecedented boom during the pandemic and many PlayMoreGolf partner clubs have experienced a good renewal for 2022. We have found our partner clubs expressing some concerns over future membership renewals and recognise the need to review their offering.”

PlayMoreGolf’s flexible membership recognises the demands of modern lifestyles. The app-based offering provides a viable alternative that works in harmony with the frantic timetables of the modern golfer and enables more players to fulfil their passion for the game. 

Tom Brooke, GCMA chief executive, said: “We are delighted that PlayMoreGolf have joined us as our latest Associate Partner. 

“Our members will benefit from the unparalleled knowledge of the PlayMoreGolf team and we look forward to drawing upon that through the likes of our webinar series, podcasts and thought leadership.

“This partnership adds additional strength to the growing group of businesses that are looking to provide expert support and knowledge-sharing through the GCMA network.”

The addition of PlayMoreGolf to the GCMA’s Business Partner family follows the likes of BRS Golf, Under Armour, Rain Bird, Fairway Credit and Sky Connect, and substantially strengthens the GCMA network and its benefits to members.

To find out more about PlayMoreGolf, visit the PlayMoreGolf website.

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By GCMA Content Team

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