Prepped and ready for the new season? Don’t forget these key things

Tips from Welsh Club Manager of the Year and 2023 GCMA Conference Presenter, Andrew Minty, and General Manager at top 100 course Sheringham Golf Club, Paul Adams.

The weather may have done its best to delay the start of the new season, but there are always things to be done to make sure your golf club is primed and ready.

Here, two experts offer their top five tips on ensuring your facility is prepared to welcome in the new season and ready to hit the ground running.

Andrew Minty

Andrew Minty is the Director of Golf at Langland Bay Golf Club.

He won the Welsh Club Manager of the Year in 2023 and is a previous winner of the GCMA Manager of the Year prize.

1) Walk the customers’ journey

Walk the journey that customers will undertake around your facility, to ensure that all signage, cleanliness etc is exactly what you would want to see when arriving at a golf club. Do this numerous times to make sure everything is as it should be.

2) Brief the staff

Ensure all staff are briefed and fully up to speed with all sales techniques, the highest level of customer service possible, and are singing off the same hymn sheet as the rest of your staff. 

3) Servicing and records

Check all machinery is serviced and ready, all maintenance logs and training records are completed and systems and standard operating procedures are in place to ensure that all the kit is cleaned, greased etc every time it’s used.

4) Communicate

It’s important to ensure maintenance weeks and anything that can be pre-booked on the tee booking system in advance is communicated to all members and guests.

5) Other checks…

Check all flags, cups, tee markers, course furniture etc is cleaned or replenished and ready for the new season ahead. 

Paul Adams

Paul Adams is the General Manager at Sheringham Golf Club.

He has significant management experience and a proven track record of success in the golf, hotel and hospitality industry.

1) All-team meetings

Get all the staff together including the concessions and get them to know each other! This is vital to ensure you have the right team spirit for success.

2) Fire drill

Do a full fire drill for the whole team — safety has to be a top priority.

3) Risk assessments

In keeping with the above regarding the importance of safety, make sure all risk assessments are up to date.

4) Communication

Ensure all communication boards and the website are up to date with the latest information so members and guests are kept fully up to speed.

5) The mission

Remind the whole team of the mission — your standards, objectives etc — and make sure they understand their part in delivering that vision.

By GCMA Content Team

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