Register your golf course for Women’s Golf Day 2024

Women’s Golf Day is a global one day event celebrating girls and women playing golf and learning the skills that last a lifetime. Founder Elisa Gaudet invites your club to get involved for 2024…

As Women’s Golf Day (WGD) approaches, we are excited to invite you to be a part of this global movement that promotes women’s golf and encourages more women to get on the course. We urge you to register your golf course for Women’s Golf Day 2024 and join us in empowering women through golf.

Women’s Golf Day is an international event that brings together women of all ages and skill levels to celebrate golf and learn the skills that last a lifetime. Locations can choose which day they want to host the event between May 28th and June 4th. It provides a unique opportunity for golf courses to attract new female golfers, create community engagement within and outside the club, enhance your course’s brand visibility and grow the game with women and juniors. 

Our new website is ready to make 2024 an even more amazing year with new tools to make it easy for you to grow the game. This year’s Women’s Golf Day’s Weeklong Celebration is just around the corner – and we invite you celebrate with us by registering your location now and experience the benefits of WGD all year!  Use the special code below on the registration page to receive a Premier Listing valued at $350 for the price of $159 (a savings of $200).

Please use the special code PGAVIP24

By registering your golf course for Women’s Golf Day 2024, you can be a part of this growing movement, that takes place in over 1,300 locations in 86 countries, and enjoy the following benefits:

Increased Business: Women’s Golf Day attracts thousands of women worldwide, and by participating, you can tap into this untapped market of potential golfers. Hosting a Women’s Golf Day event at your course can bring in new customers, junior golfers, increase revenue, and build a loyal customer base.

Enhanced Brand Visibility: Women’s Golf Day is a global event which garners extensive media coverage and social media attention. By registering your golf course, you can leverage the WGD web platform all year long with the ability to promote tee times, instruction, fittings, events, and travel in addition to your WGD event. The WGD brand and platform help promote your course to a broader audience. Preview a SAMPLE LOCATION LISTING PAGE here.

Connect and Build Community: WGD Connect is a new way to communicate with thousands of golfers and learn about resources available, stay and play trips, lessons and academies and events happening at thousands of courses around the world. As a registered WGD location, you can build community and be a part of this substantial new communications tool for players to connect to one another and to share their love of golf.

Registering your golf course for Women’s Golf Day 2024 is easy. Simply visit our website at and click on the “Register Your Location” button to sign up. Once registered, you will receive online access to a wealth of resources including event planning guides, marketing materials, social media posts, and promotional tools to help you host a successful Women’s Golf Day event.

Join us in making Women’s Golf Day 2024 a resounding success and showcasing your golf course as a champion of engaging, empowering, and supporting the growth of the game. We look forward to your participation and support.

If you have registered your location in previous years, you can renew your listing by logging in to your account and selecting “My Location Listings” from the menu to access your location listing and renew for 2024. If you have never registered a location before, registration is now open.

If you have any questions about Women’s Golf Day or the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you to the 2024 celebration of WGD and seeing your golf course among the registered locations for Women’s Golf Day 2024!

By GCMA Content Team

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