The Clere golfHUB is revolutionising course management practices

With an astounding array of practical applications, the Clere golfHUB is changing course management practices at facilities of all sizes.

Nothing is more important when it comes to making decisions than having access to good data, so imagine the value of having every detail of your golf course mapped, modelled and easily accessible even via your mobile phone.

That is the power the Clere golfHUB places in the hands of golf clubs, affording an unparalleled degree of precision and efficiency to give facilities a previously unattainable level of insight into their course, while ridding them of the burden of having to manage multiple, disparate stores of information that are prone to loss or damage.

The Clere team measure, scan and photograph your course to create a fully interactive aerial survey accurate to sub-10 centimetres. The golfHUB enables all course-related data to be stored, shared, edited and reviewed spatially in a single location from anywhere in the world.

Chris Reeve, Director of Golf and Leisure at The Belfry, uses the software to plan the location of new tee boxes prior to build, allowing him to measure distances to key features, fairway run-outs and hazard carries.

The Belfry

The Ryder Cup host venue has also utilised golfHUB to locate all on-course sprinklers in both fairway and rough areas for routine maintenance using the on-course GPS capability, in addition to extracting topographic data when working with course architects with course developments.

Chris has been hugely impressed by the transformative impact of using golfHUB at The Belfry.

“The Clere golfHUB has revolutionised our course management practices, enhancing many aspects of our operations, from planning new tee box locations to locating on-course sprinklers for maintenance,” said Chris.

“With its on-course GPS capability, we can efficiently extract topographic data for collaboration with course architects, facilitating seamless course developments. Additionally, mapping and measuring areas for project works, such as designated wildflower areas, has never been easier.”

St Endonoc Golf Club have also made golfHUB one of the key tools at their disposal, with Course Manager Scott Gibson utilising a wide range of the software’s features to improve decision-making processes at the Cornish venue.

“The golfHUB has proven to be an invaluable tool for our course management practices. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive capabilities have significantly streamlined our operations and improved overall outcomes on our course,” he said.

St Endonoc

“The software has revolutionised our approach to data management, allowing us to centralise and analyse critical information effortlessly. From course maintenance planning to member communications, the golfHUB has enhanced our efficiency and productivity.

“It has empowered my team to make data-driven decisions that optimise resource allocation and course conditions.”

Another club enjoying the benefits of golfHUB is Hankley Common, who have been using the PinZone system for just over a year. General Manager Ed Richardson described how that particular feature has helped enhance the playing experience there.

“This system has allowed us to give members and guests accurate pin positions every day either using a physical sheet or the Clere app,” he said. “The system is really easy to use for the green staff and pro shop staff printing the cards, including having multiple sheets that can be set up at one time in order to cover many days’ worth of positions in advance.

“The greenstaff can register the pin positions easily on their phones when changing holes, instantly updating the app, or map them on their return from the course. Our pro shop team print the pin sheets each day and there are various excellent options in terms of how this is displayed with options such as contour lines, grid lines and different flag display options.

“We have also found the heat map facility really useful helping train staff in places with slopes too severe to have a pin position but also giving us a history of where the pins have been located, enabling us to achieve a good rotation of wear.”

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By GCMA Content Team

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