Understanding the Equality Act:  The Use of Buggies on Wet Golf Courses.

A number of members have been challenged by their own members this week with regard to the use of privately owned buggies while the ground on the course has been so wet. For your reference, you can find the definitive combined legal guidance from England Golf and NGCAA here. The document says that, if your course is open, you have to let disabled people use buggies (albeit only on certain holes).  You should also have completed a relevant risk assessment to justify such an action.  However, you do not have to allow able bodied members to use buggies. Some members of the club have seen the advice sent by NGCAA recently which states: “A Club may not impose a blanket ban on buggy use” and “Even if a ban is consequently introduced, it can only relate to those areas deemed to be dangerous/susceptible to damage, and not the whole course “
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