Want to show your support on #ThankAGreenkeeper Day? Here’s how…

It is Thank A Greenkeeper Day on September 10th, and here’s how Golf Club Managers can show their support.

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Thank A Greenkeeper Day isn’t just about shaking hands and saying thanks on one day, it’s about creating a positive culture of respect at a golf club. Recognising high achievement by the greenkeeping staff at your golf club can help motivate the team, enhance job satisfaction and maintain high standards on the course.

Here are 10 ways golf club managers can recognise their greenkeeping team’s achievements:

1) Public acknowledgement

Highlight the team’s accomplishments during club meetings or events. Feature the greenkeeping team’s achievements in the club newsletter, website or social media channels – don’t forget to use the hashtag #ThankAGreenkeeper.

2) Monetary rewards

Offer performance-based bonuses or financial incentives for exceptional work. Provide gift cards or vouchers as a token of appreciation or offer BIGGA membership as a workplace perk.

3) BIGGA Awards

BIGGA hosts an annual awards event each January that recognises greenkeeping teams that have done exceptional work. It’s free to enter and greenkeeping teams receive certificates of achievement just for being nominated. Head to the BIGGA website for details.

4) Professional development

Fund attendance at industry conferences, workshops or courses to enhance skills. Offer opportunities for certifications or advanced training in turf management.

5) Extra time off

Reward outstanding team members with additional paid time off. Offer extra vacation days at key times, such as Christmas or birthdays, as a special perk.

6) Team celebrations

Organise team lunches, dinners or outings to celebrate milestones and achievements. Host a special event or party in honour of the greenkeeping team’s hard work – Greenkeepers’ Revenge days work well.

7) Personalised gifts

Give thoughtful, personalised gifts that recognise the interests of the team members. Consider items like branded gear, equipment or experiences like sports event tickets.

8) Enhanced work environment

Upgrade the greenkeeping facilities or provide new tools and equipment – you’ll discover that investing in the greenkeeping team enables them to achieve even better things. Improve the break room or provide additional amenities to enhance their workspace.

9) Recognition in publications

Contact local newspapers or golf magazines and get your greenkeeping team featured on the pages and websites. Write articles or press releases highlighting their achievements and contributions – there are people out there who can help you do this and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

10) Job advancement opportunities

Promote deserving team members to higher positions within the greenkeeping department. Offer leadership training or development programmes and encourage them to participate in BIGGA initiatives such as the Future Turf Managers Initiative. This will help them prepare for advanced roles. Recognising and rewarding the greenkeeping team’s high achievements not only boosts their morale but also ensures the golf course remains in top condition, benefiting both the club and its members.


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