Do you know how to motivate yourself and your team?

Consultant Debbie Kleiner asked viewers to understand their motivations, and what gets in the way, in the latest of her GCMA wellbeing webinars… What does motivation mean? It’s something that will be obvious to most of you but, in the latest of her GCMA wellbeing workshop webinars, expert Debbie Kleiner asked viewers to think about the subject in a slightly different way. “The thing about motivation is it’s not really a fixed personality trait that we’re born with or without,” she explained. “Lots of us know exactly what to do, but we just don’t feel like it. “And we can all get fired up about a goal and then, a few days later, those feelings just fizzle out. Motivation goes up and down and it’s not a fault in our system. It’s a sensation that comes and goes – just like our emotions. So we can’t always rely on it to be there.” Debbie referenced Stephen Covey’s successful book, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, where motivation was described as “a fire from within”. “If someone else tries to light that fire, it’s going to burn very briefly. And that’s the key here.” She talked about incentives and how they are not as effective as people think and looked at intrinsic motivation and the psychological elements that related to it: autonomy, competence and relatedness. “If you give your employees choice, they’ll see you as having more expertise and that will result in greater productivity from your teams. “In all kinds of settings, taking the pressure off people and giving them more opportunity to manage their own work, and not to micromanage them in any way, is going to lead to people being more intrinsically motivated. Think of the time when you’ve been micromanaged. You’re just not motivated.” Debbie also looked at what gets in the way of motivation: procrastination, not knowing how to cultivate the feeling of motivation and not acting in our best interests. Last week Debbie covered stress awareness - we'll have a report shortly - and details for the fourth and final webinar are listed below… March 29, 2pm: Technology - How to not let it affect your mental health. You will learn why technology draws us in and can become addictive. You will be invited to take the smartphone addiction test and then learn some ways to keep things in check so that you don't waste valuable time scrolling. This workshop could help you understand not only your own tech use but also other people's such as your children’s. Register here: Do you subscribe to the GCMA's weekly E-newsletter? Make sure you're not missing out on the latest in the world of golf club management. Click here to join in.  
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