What about water?

Following water deregulation on 1st April this year, as predicted there are generally small savings to be had from switching supplier. However simply signing a contract or continuing with the current supplier certainly does not guarantee you are on the best tariff, explain Cost Centre Services. For golf clubs in some parts of the country, water suppliers have failed to give correct allowances for waste water in the past. And customers have been on the wrong tariff, a higher one of course! Invoices should always be reviewed with the possibility of claiming for past incorrect billing, but most importantly not to perpetuate future overcharging. These are supplier related issues, but what can you do for yourselves? What appear to be insignificant things can be surprisingly costly, a faulty sensor on a urinal has been found to cost £1,000 per annum. Whilst in the area, could your urinals be flushing overnight when there is no one there to use them?  Old and badly worn taps and cisterns are also a common occurrence, an old cistern has been known to cost close to £900 each year without anyone realising the actual cost. Are you aware that in general usage areas water pressure can be perfectly effective at six litres per minute or less, (catering areas require higher pressures)? Why then should one find pressures ranging from 12 to 22 and even as high as 30+ litres per minute. There are various cost saving options available now, one of which for example enabled three washbasins using 84 litres of water per day to be reduced to a miserly 1.2 litres per day; this amounts to over thirty thousand litres per annum based on seven day a week usage – just think about the cost of heating 15 thousand litres. Then there is the associated sewage costs. To say nothing of the water conservation possibilities. When exploring the wider water situation at a golf club, very old and unreliable meters are common (with possible undercharging and bills to follow), and even a junction going off to an unknown point of use. Water goes down the drain, your money does not have to!
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