You spoke, we listened! Learn how member feedback will shape the future of the GCMA

The recent GCMA member survey drew a fantastic response. The feedback is already being used to guide the association’s future strategic priorities.  Well over a third of the Association's ranks took part in the GCMA member survey that was distributed late last year, and that robust response has allowed the GCMA Board and HQ team to use that data to help guide the organisation's priorities for the future. As well as thanking everyone who took time to submit their feedback, GCMA CEO Tom Brooke said: "This is a member's association, and the Board and staff are committed to progressing the service that we provide to you and to serving our purpose of supporting the professional and personal development of our members. ​ We can only do this effectively by listening to what you, as our members, are looking for from us and then working with you to ensure we deliver the services that are most important to you.​ As an association, we believe we should be transparent with our members, so in this article we are reporting what you had to say and a summary of our priorities that we have identified based on your feedback.​" The survey was run by GCMA partners Players 1st, and they have analysed the data to produce an extensive report, which is summarised below. Tom Brooke and other association staff will also be discussing the data at various spring regional meetings around the country. Introducing Net Promoter Score The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is widely accepted as the most robust means of measuring how satisfied customers are with the experience of a company or product, and is a core methodology in Players 1st's report. NPS categorises respondents into promoters, passives and detractors, determined by the respondent's answer on the 0-10 scale questions:​ A promoter has answered 9 or 10 ​ A passive has answered 7 or 8​ A detractor has answered between 0 and 6​ The NPS is calculated by subtracting the share of detractors from the share of promoters. ​ As an example, if you have 60% promoters and 30% detractors, your NPS is 30%.​ Typical industry interpretations of NPS scores:50 to 100: Very Good | 20 to 49: Good | 0 to 10: Average | 0 to –20: Low | -20 to –100: Very Low​ Analysing the data: How do we prioritise 'What's next?' By combining NPS scores with member responses to individual service areas, the Players 1st software is able to identify the areas that the GCMA should prioritise in order to best improve the overall membership experience. ​ This allows the GCMA team to focus on the most valued areas identified by GCMA members, rather than just looking at service areas with low scores. ​ As part of the analysis, we have also reviewed all 596 comments captured within the survey, identified and prioritised core themes and have used feedback and suggestions to shape our action plan moving forwards. ​ GCMA Member Survey 2022: Response summary Overall Net Promoter Score: +40 ​(Approximate NPS 2019: -2 / NPS 2021: +39) ​551 responses = 37% of GCMA members took part in the survey​ Promoters (scored 9 or 10): 52% ​ Passive (scored 7 or 8): 35%​ Detractors (scored 6 or less): 13% ​Therefore, this places the GCMA in the upper part...
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