Young Managers’ Group


In his January edition of “Through the eyes of the Chief Executive” Bob Williams announced the launch the GCMA Young Managers Group.

“As I prepare to commence my third year in post, the recent decision to appoint our new Digital Communications Manager Mike Hyde has done more than just provide us with enhanced communication channels. It has also highlighted the need for the GCMA to look at golf club management from a different perspective. Whilst the GCMA Board of Directors and National Committee can boast many years experience of managing golf clubs, sometimes we need to take a fresh look at things and examine how we deliver our management practices at all levels. After speaking to a number of younger members, we have decided to embark on the development of the Young Managers’ Group”

The Young Managers Group will meet on a number of occasions throughout the year, with two main discussion topics:

  • the future of golf club management
  • how the GCMA can deliver the management tools of the future

We envisage that the group will help shape the future of the association, inform our education programmes, offer specific networking opportunities and stimulate debate amongst the whole GCMA membership.

We are looking for members of the group to be aged roughly under 35(ish!), and we would like the the group to be as diverse as possible in terms of geography and professional backgrounds.

If you would like to be involved please get in touch with Bob Williams on 01275 391153 or by email.

By Mike Hyde

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