Who We Are

Are you looking for a smart, intelligent way to communicate with your members? Do you want to give your members a convenient way to access all of your club’s systems, upcoming tournaments and events? Would you like to be able to fill up spare tee times, last minute event spaces and/or sell all aspects of your club (i.e. F&B, proshop items, weddings, accommodation, etc)?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then CourseMate can help.

CourseMate is a new generation of club apps, providing golfing venues with essential solutions for centralising your current booking and club systems and improving member retention by giving you the simple tools to improve club communication and engagement.

For venues that specialise in more nomadic/holidaying golfers CourseMate provides a GDPR compliant way to both collect visitor data and an easy way to sell directly them.

Venues that offer more than just golf will be delighted to see how flexible CourseMate is. It has the ability to add in wellness, fitness, hotel accommodation, and other outdoor/indoor pursuits making it an excellent solution for both private venues.

Our Services

Having worked in the digital industry for the past 16 years, we understand technology, best practises and how to maximise your club’s potential by using the very thing every golfer has in their pocket – their phones.

By listening to your KIPs, what’s import to you and what current systems you have (and want to connect together) we can create club apps designed especially for your venue, ensuring your club has all the tools it needs to hand, for both now and in the future.
CourseMate puts your club directly into the hands of your members.

What it means for you

As a GCMA member you will receive preferential rates to meet all your digital requirements for your current and future business needs.

This also includes free marketing upgrade, digital assets for your club’s royalty free use and advanced push notification spilt.

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To learn how your club can benefit or book a free consultation visit or email us at [email protected]