Golf HR

Who We Are

Golf HR – Employment law experts specialising in private member golf clubs. We work with 170 private member golf clubs on retainer, and have 30 of the Top 100 golf clubs in England as our clients.

Why work with us?

You have someone in us who understands the ins and outs of dealing with staff in Golf Clubs who just will not cooperate or behave.

You get effective and realistic solutions to staff issues.

Your “to-do” list gets shorter as we do it all for you, paperwork, advice, research, etc.

You keep a good working relationship with your staff because we are the “bad guys” when it comes to disciplinaries, redundancies, etc.

You stay tribunal free – providing, of course, that you use one of our protective Golf HR packages this year.

P.S. You can also speak to us about member disciplinary issues – we will be glad to help!

What we offer GCMA Members

All GCMA members have access to a free tribunal audit of the contract and handbook templates, which normally costs £495 plus VAT.

Setup fee is waived when you start working with us.

You can book a free Zoom session to discuss any staff issues.

Book free 1:1 session with Carolyne to discuss your staff issues
Email: [email protected]