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Who We Are

Players 1st provide industry leading software to golf clubs to help retain and recruit golfers and increase the club’s revenue by focusing on customer experience and loyalty.

We are passionate about data and sharing insights and learnings back to the golf industry.

Insights are generated through surveys and the real-time results are accessed through the powerful and interactive dashboard.
Designed specifically for golf course operators, the system is extremely intuitive and easy to operate, providing call-to-action areas for any department to address.

Players 1st is implemented at 2,000+ golf courses globally, and work closely with over 20 golf federations and associations to help grow the game.

Our Services

We are a trusted advisor to golf organisations, federations and associations across the globe. Our intelligent platform provides golf managers with a single sign on solution to customise survey templates, launch and receive instant feedback from members and guests, achieving extremely high response rates.

Through our partnership with the GCMA, all GCMA members will be able to access a 3-month free trial to the Guest experience survey. The Guest experience is designed to collate visiting guest feedback across the golf course, food & beverage, facilities, pro shop, and the club in general. It also includes recommendation questions and player demographic questions which allows the clubs to determine the main pinch points for each type of golfer. Distribution of the survey can be automatically enabled via a tee sheet integration or within the automated thank you messages.
A custom QR code poster template will also be provided to each club to increase exposure of the survey to a wider number of visitors.

Additionally, there are also opportunities to access our Member experience surveys for free through our partnerships with England Golf and Scottish Golf. More information can be found in the learn more section.

To discuss the exclusive guest survey trial or our partnership offers in more detail, feel free to book a 1:1 call with our UK Regional Manager:

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