A Day in the Life: Shahin Bani-Sadr

We talk to GCMA members about how they do their jobs and ask what advice they can share with peers like you. This week, we speak to Rowlands Castle general manager Shahin Bani-Sadr. In an average day, what meetings do you have and who are they with? I have the usual monthly committee and team meetings as you would expect, but on a daily basis it’s more about informal chats with my staff. Whether that is with my Assistant Manager or a Bar Assistant, I try and make as much time as possible for my team, but don’t like my diary full up of meetings.  How much of your day do you spend on email and calls? Do you manage that time in any way? Probably too much of my day if I am honest, but I certainly manage my time to ensure I am front-facing for the members and my staff. In this day and age it’s so easy to get stuck behind the desk, so I will schedule times in my day to be out and about the club.  What piece of software could you not be without? Ironic after the previous question, but I would have to say email. Though it can be a taxing chore at times, I really can’t see how many businesses would operate without it!  Give us a productivity tip If you have a significant commute, use that time effectively. What major projects do you have coming up? We are currently in the middle of a full course bunker renovation, using the brilliant MJ Abbott, which is going very well. We are just about to complete five of our holes and it’s really going to take the course to the next level.  How do you manage your communications with your members/visitors? It’s easy to bombard members with communications so I try to keep a journal of the important information that needs to go out and then do this when it is worthy to do so. Our Course Manager also produces a fantastic monthly Course Report, which the members thoroughly enjoy. How do you manage your relationships with your key stakeholders? I ensure time is put aside to spend with them on a weekly, if not daily, basis. The longer it is left, the longer and more intense the conversations need to be, so I certainly like a ‘little and often’ approach.  Do you have a routine to start your day? I will either go to the gym or go for a run pretty much every morning. I am certainly not threatening to be on the cover of Men’s Health anytime soon, but I feel it’s great for both my physically and mental state. The job can be intense and, matched with a young family, I have found training to really help me. Once I am at work I will always do a lap of the clubhouse and surroundings just to ensure we are set up and ready for the day.  How do you...
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